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Hello, Smart Home: 10 Home Gadgets For the Ultimate in Smart Living

February 7, 2020

By 2022, it is expected that 63 million American homes will qualify as smart homes. Americans are embracing the convenience that home gadgets give them, and if you’re ready to step in and become one of them, we’re here to help.

There are a lot of smart home devices you can choose from, and sometimes it can be confusing. Continue reading this article, and we will go over the top home gadgets you should consider for your residence.

1. Wireless LED Light Bulbs

When you’re ready to put the on and off switches out to pasture, check out the wireless LED light bulbs.

Once you have them installed, you can control them through your smartphone app. Lights can be turned on and off remotely, so if you leave home and you forget that they are still on, just hit the off switch on the app, and you’re good to go.

These wireless LED lights are good for both home and office. You’ll also find companies like alarm.com that can help you keep your home secure with remote lights depending on your home goals.

2. Solar-powered Path Lighting

Say goodbye to difficult installation for your path lighting. Solar-powered path lights are easy to install and low maintenance.

These eco-friendly lights will help you save money, and are a convenient addition to your outdoor space.

3. Robot Vacuums

Do you feel like you’re continually vacuuming? While you are going to pay a pretty penny for your new robot friend, it will free up time and keep your home debris free.

Depending on how much money you’re willing to shell out, your robot vacuum can get pretty smart.

You can even get robot vacuums that can empty their own dustpans for the ultimate clean and convenience. If you are someone that is dealing with allergies, then this is a great option for you to stay away from the dust and other allergens that can ruin your day.

4. Shower Meter

If you’re conscious about the amount of water and energy you’re using, a shower meter can help you stay on track.

There are no batteries or electricity required to run the shower meter. It is self-powered by the water flow, so you never have to worry. You’ll get information like water temperature and how much water you’re using.

5. Motion Sensor Power Strip

Another power saver is a motion sensor power strip. Motion sensor power strips usually have continuous use outlets and the kind that shut off when no one is nearby.

The strip senses when no one is within 20 feet and shuts off the electricity to the non-continuous flow outlets to save energy.

6. Runaway Alarm

Do you hate waking up in the morning and find that you are hitting the snooze button too many times? Getting up in the morning can be difficult when the snooze is at your fingertips, but the runaway alarm is your solution.

You set your alarm for a certain time, and when it goes off, the alarm runs away and hides. It will continue to go off until you get up and shut it off.

7. Eco Dish Cleaner

The eco dish cleaner turns your food into useable compost through ionization. This is a portable gadget that can be used anywhere with its solar charging.

If you’re looking for a sustainable way to clean your dishes and provide compost for your plants — you’ve found it!

8. Smart Faucet

Another water-saving gadget is this smart faucet. It isn’t expensive, and you don’t have to touch it to use it.

You’ll find similar designs in restaurant bathrooms, and other places that have already been designed to save water.

9. LG ThinQ Fridge

Food storage is an important part of life. If your fridge doesn’t store your food properly, you’ll experience a lot of waste.

This fridge has a touch screen monitor that works with your smartphone. You’ll be able to control your fridge as well as get information on what your fridge is doing.

With this fridge, you can see all the perishable food that you have. You can also see how much energy the fridge is taking up.

Do you want to be smarter when you go shopping? There are apps you can use that will help you make your shopping list based on what you already have in your fridge. This will help you save money when going shopping as well as making it easy for you to reduce food waste.

10. Wireless Speakers

Who doesn’t enjoy some great tunes?

Enhance the experience by grabbing some stand-alone wifi-enabled wireless speakers. You can control them with a smartphone app.

The apps that connect to your wireless speakers give you access to your iTunes library and other streaming services for the best experience.

Besides their function, you’ll also notice they pack a big punch for their size. You can get great sound without having bulky speakers around your room, ruining your decor. These are great for small spaces or those that are working to create a minimalist design.

Choose the Best Home Gadgets for You

Not everyone is going to need all the home gadgets listed above, but now you can make informed decisions on which ones are right for you.

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