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Home Exterior Design 5 Ideas & 31 Pictures

May 25, 2016

Home is a place of comfort, peace, and calmness for all of us. The house needs to be designed and built according to our needs and requirements, but it also has to be catchy for our eyes and when we look at it, it should give us a welcoming feel. One should be able to look at their home and feel the word beauty in all of its meanings. There are a few ideas following this text that will make your home look fabulous. The following article contains 31 pictures and ideas of various exterior design for a home that is attractive in first glance.

Exterior design homeVia

Sustainable design and attractive house exteriorVia

Modern Home Exterior DesignsVia

house entrance designs exteriorVia

minimalist style home with wood glass stone exterior designVia

expansive modern white two story exteriorVia

modern exterior designVia

grey and white traditional exterior designVia

contemporary dark exterior designVia

Good Residence House Black and White Exterior Design

Large rustic beige exterior design

The Wooden Look Exterior Design

This is a mix of modern and vintage exterior design for a house. The wooden look gives a warm and welcoming feel and the modernized windows and doors style makes it look all latest and new. The patio set on the porch can be your way of relaxing and admiring the view when the weather decides to amaze you in its own miraculous ways. This exterior design is simple, elegant, and at the same time looks beautiful.

Contemporary Artistic Wooden ExteriorVia

Exterior Wood CladdingVia

Black Wood Exterior DesignVia

rustic exterior Casual outdoor living for a familyVia

Red Bricks Exterior Design

If you are living in the middle of a green area, where there are gigantic trees and the air feels fresh and warm, a red bricks exterior design is your best pick. The red look will make your home stand out in the middle of all that green surrounding. The white windows and doors compliment the beauty of the red bricks. Moreover, the house looks compact, small, and welcoming. During rainy seasons, it will only add to the pretty scenes.

Red Brick Exterior

industrial look red bricks exteriorVia

traditional red brick exteriorVia

Similar Roof above Front Entrances With Red Bricks Exterior DesignVia

Double Story Deck

This design specially suits houses that are built completely in the second story as well. You can keep most of your windows on the side of the deck, or instead of having a complete brick/wooden wall on this side a glass wall can be used. This will add to the airiness and brightness of your house. The glass window will allow the passage of light into your home for as long as the sun shines during the day. You can place chairs and tables on these decks and make it a place for spending your quiet evenings, or early mornings.

exterior Contemporary house designs with diffused lighting double storeyVia

Double Story Deck Exterior DesignVia

wood deck stairs terraceVia

Exterior Design Ideas for a contemporary backyard deckVia

White Fence

If you do not have any space outside your home for big chances or designing but you still want to give your house a new and refreshed look, you can add a white fence to mark the boundary of your home and also make it look much more neat and modern. Adding a fence to your home is not as expensive as many of the other ideas that could be implemented to change the overall look of your house.

Exterior Design With White FenceVia

White Fence Exterior with gable roofVia

Best Home Exterior Design PicturesVia

Inspiration traditional white exterior designVia

Door On The Side

If you want your home to look more spacious and bigger from the outside, you can have separate gate for the parking area, and a small gate for entrance. This way, the main area of your house will give a feeling of being open and welcoming.

entrance Door exterior house Staris DesignVia

exterior stairs design ideasVia

entrance gate exterior designVia

scandinavian exterior wooden dark door entranceVia

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