How Agile Benefits Remote Work Environments

August 29, 2023

Whether your team is just getting started with remote work or you’ve been enjoying the perks of working from home since the early days of the pandemic, you’ll understand how difficult it is to make the transition. To make life a little easier, it may be necessary to change the entire business approach to the agile methodology, which is designed to improve collaboration, boost engagement, and make way for flexibility. 

Regular Check-Ins

Agile processes like scrum and sprint are designed to facilitate communication and understanding, which is essential in a remote setting. 

Scrum meetings take place daily and act as a platform for employees to provide project updates and any issues. Information taken from these meetings is then conveyed to clients, allowing them to answer any questions and have a better understanding of progress. 

Sprint meetings allow businesses to put plans together for future events and activities. Between clients and companies, all actions for any given week must be mutually agreeable, which helps give clients more control. 

Risk Reduction 

Remote teams are often at a higher risk of making errors because of gaps in communication or misunderstandings about expectations. However, when remote teams are working in an agile business, the risk is significantly reduced. 

Errors aren’t the only risk facing remote teams, there’s everything from productivity to security to take into account. If this sounds familiar, you’ll be glad to know what agile methodology will turn them into a worry of the past. To reduce risk even further, make sure everyone is reading from the same page by investing in agile expert training for your entire team

Attracting Talent

People in 2023 are looking to get more out of their working life than being part of a dull environment with no atmosphere. Get ahead of this trend by choosing agile, which focuses its attention on work/life balance, flexibility, and complete acceptance and encouragement of following passions. 

If you want to know why the likes of PlayStation Network, LEGO Digital Solutions, and Fitbit are doing so well in 2023, then spend a moment looking into how they use agile methodology. 

Offers Milestone Clarity

Clients often struggle to set projects with clear goals and milestones, which doesn’t help when you need to steer your team in the right direction. Fortunately, by adopting the principles of agile, every course of action for a project is agreed on from the onset, with regular communication to make necessary changes along the way. 

This method of setting up tasks means remote teams have zero confusion surrounding expectations, required actions, and desired quality. 

Agile Methodology Tools

We’ve already established that agile methodology is beneficial for remote teams, and it’s the success that means there are so many project management tools suited for agile teams. However, the best in the business are Viztrend’s Yodiz and Atlassian’s Jira. Both of these PM platforms are steeped in agile methodology including rich sprint meeting features. 

Remote work environments are only successful when collaboration and flexibility are welcomed with open arms. Taking an agile approach will do both of these and so much more.

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