How‌ Can‌ ‌I‌ ‌Search‌ ‌for‌ ‌My‌ ‌Favorite‌ ‌Dress‌ ‌Image‌ ‌Online?

May 21, 2020

While talking about fashion, everybody has a different set of preferences according to their taste. As a result, the likings are quite diverse. But what if you saw a photograph of a beautiful dress somewhere on the internet and you do not have any information about it? how would you find that dress? In this modern era of the internet and technology, everything has become very easy. If you are looking for ways to find your favorite dress online, this article can let you out of this trouble. It starts with searching for reasonable tools and here, reverse image search engines come in to play.

As all fashion brands are constantly competing for market shares, reverse image search engines are a superb way to gain ground.
With this unique and smart, reverses image search technology being incorporated by using different brands and major platforms like Pinterest, Google, and Bing. and, it is changing the search market panorama at a greater rate.

What does it mean to search via image?

But still some people are unaware of searching for an image without using text on google. In simpler words, this modern technology is known as reverse image technology. You have numerous options for tools, apps, and software that can allow you to track down your favorite dress through this technology within seconds.

Reverse image search

Reverse image search is a search engine technology that takes an image as your search term and makes use of it rather than using words and then shows you all similar images on the internet. And for this purpose, there are multiple websites available that provide you image search engines for your ease.

How reverse image search engines work?

Reverse images search engines basically use a technology called CBIR (Content-based image retrieval) the process uses a CBIR engine to recreate the image by the use of mathematical modeling and then it compares that model to other pictures in its database. Once it finds a similar match it’s going to examine photograph metadata among the picture you uploaded and the ones it finds as well.

The uses of reverse image search engines

  • Tracking the source of an image or picture and find out when it was uploaded or made has become easy with these search engines.
    you can investigate copyright infringement and plagiarism.
  • once you find out the original source you can investigate fake news, information, and photos as well that includes the spread of photos without context or false attribution.
  • To find out an image in a better decision.
  • To discover more and more images with similarities.

Below are some image finder tools that can lead you to your favorite dress. Google is on top of all these search engines.

Google image finder

Google image search technology is immensely popular nowadays and becoming more and more advanced and it is equally important when you are looking for similar photos of a thing you are interested in.

Google image search engine is one of the best engines that can lead you to the source by just dragging or uploading that photo on Google images search bar.

You possibly recognize that google gives a similar image search to help discover photographs that can be visually similar to your favorite outfit photo. The same characteristic of google images can once in a while assist you to find that person who is having this dress as well.

There isn’t any picture size or format boundaries on Google which makes it more convenient and easier to apply.


This website also provides you with an image search tool that you can utilize for searching your favorite item all over the internet. It uses distinctive methods to lookup images from the internet. You can paste any online photo URL, or you can upload a picture of your interest at once. It provides you with the option of uploading, JPEG, PNG, and.GIF extensions as well. At this moment you might be able to search one image at one time, but it is working on more than one checking system.

Using prepostseo reverse image search tool it is easy, open Google and look for Prepostseo then click on the similar photograph search tool in the listing tools. Now, upload your image and click on the “search images” and get your query outcomes in no time.


Pinterest visual search tool helps you when you are looking for visually similar pictures of your particular outfit. It is no doubt the most advanced reverse image search engines developed in this era and millions of users are taking advantage of this cool technique.

Unlike other search engines, there is no need to upload your sample photo. You just asked to zoom on a particular photograph and drag the zoom device over it to look for the outcomes. Everyone can use this feature while scrolling Pinterest. Moreover, by using the Pinterest visual image tool, you may search for similar pictures and facts about it within seconds.


One of the other engines that was featured almost 3 years ago is Cooliris, when it was called PicLens. This tool can be best for you if you are looking up your favorite dress as this excellent free browser plugin gives a photograph search interface like no other. It can really work on the expected picture search platforms just like Google, Flickr, and many others. but it is mainly liked for its use on Facebook and other social media apps, where the local photograph browsing is missing at best.

Cooliris is available for Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and Internet Explorer.


Reverse image search engines generate all similar images that are connected to an uploaded image. For this reason, in place of finding your favorite dress in a shop, you might prefer to look up the snapshots and check the real appearance on your phone. Moreover, this can save your time as searching your photographs and finding that person who else is using that picture is now a matter of no time. Thus, reverse image search engines can be the best option for you.

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