How Should Cowboy Boots Fit? A Brief Guide

March 13, 2021

Cowboy boots fit slightly different than the average shoe. Check out this guide on how cowboy boots should fit before buying your next pair.

Whether you’re out on the open range or looking for fashionable footwear, cowboy boots are an awesome choice.

Cowboy boots fit differently than many other types of shoes, so it’s vital to choose the right size and style for a perfect, comfortable fit.

Read in to learn more about cowboy boot styles and how to find the right fit for your feet.

Cowboy Boot Basics

Most boots are presented in a standard fit, and you’d probably just buy a pair in your normal size. However, in order to ensure that your cowboy boots fit you correctly, they’ll need to be a little bit snugger.

Of course, these shoes should be comfortable, but the snug part is what keeps them securely on your feet while riding horses or herding cattle. Most cowboy boots tend to run larger than your normal shoe size, which means that your boot size may actually be smaller than your regular size.

Before you run off to your local shoe store or check for boots online, start by measuring your foot in both inches and meters. Take a look at how the measurements compare to standard boot sizes so you have a better idea of where you stand.

If your feet happen to be between two sizes, it’s best to order up a size. In most cases, cowboy boots will be a half-size to a full size larger than what you’d normally purchase and wear.

How Cowboy Boots Fit: A Sizing Guide

Women’s cowboy boots have three widths: A, B, and C. Boots corresponding with the letter A are narrow, B is average or medium, and C is a wide width. For men, these boots are listed as B, D, and EE with the same correlating widths (narrow, medium, and wide).

Make sure that the instep on your cowboy boots is wide enough that your foot has plenty of room to maneuver. The instep is what covers the top of your foot, and if it’s too tight, try something in a wider width to see if it’s more comfortable.

When you try on a new pair of cowboy boots, pay attention to the ball of your foot. This is the area where your foot sits at the widest part of the boot, and where the boot will bend whenever you step.

If the boots are too short, the ball of your foot will be too close to the toes, causing discomfort. The ball of your foot should be right where the widest part of the boot is and should feel secure when you walk.

Heel and Toe

Another item to take note of is the heel of the boots. Your new boots might slip at the heel, but this is normal and actually necessary to ensure a good fit.

Most cowboy boots have a heel from around 1/4 to 1/2 inch tall. As you walk, the leather of the boots will conform to the shape of your foot, and you’ll start to notice that the heel slips less and less.

Just like any pair of quality shoes, you will also want to note how your boots feel at the toe box. This is the part of the boot that surrounds your toes and the front part of your foot.

Don’t push your foot down to see how well the toe box moves or gives. With cowboy boots, the leather is rigid, and pushing down too hard can actually cause damage to your brand-new shoes. If you want to see how they feel, wiggle your toes and if they move easily inside the toe box, you’ve found a great fit.

Cowboy Boots and Your Calves

There are many different cowboy boot styles out there, and you can view here for more information about how to clean them and more. Most of these boots hit right at or slightly above the calf since they need to protect your legs from mud and other materials when working on a ranch or farm.

You might find that your boots feel too tight around the calves, but they feel just fine at the foot. This is a common problem for people with larger calves, but you can still find boots in the perfect fit.

Try on several pairs of cowboy boots to see how they feel around your calves. The most important thing is that they fit in the heel, ball, and toe of your foot.

You can wear a pair of boots that give you about an extra half-inch at the calf if they’re more comfortable. Just make sure that the boots aren’t slipping or moving around at the ankles, or else they’ll end up being too big and uncomfortable in the long run.

If your ankle feels loose when you walk, your boots are too large. Make sure that the instep is snug, which is the area around the top of your foot. Since these boots don’t use laces, the instep is the key to keeping your feet pushed back into the heel for a snug yet comfy and secure fit.

Say Hello to Your New Boots

Although cowboy boots fit slightly different than other types of shoes, they’re still a super comfortable and stylish choice. Make sure you measure your foot and remember to order a half-size or a whole size up if you’re in-between sizes for a comfortable fit.

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