How To Apply For Your Social Security Number While Applying For Your Work Permit

December 14, 2018

If you are going to apply for a work permit to work in the United States, at the same time, you may want to consider applying for your Social Security number. This is the number that you need to legally apply for different benefits that are available in America. It is the number that is given to every natural born citizen. If you would like to apply for one, you can do this simultaneously as you are getting your work permit. It’s not that hard to accomplish. Here is an overview of the process of getting your Social Security number while applying for your work permit in the United States.

Go To The Social Security Administration Website

This is the location that you will need to go online in order to go through both of these processes. You will be walked through the process, allowing you to fill out and subsequently download the information that you will need to send into the social security administration. If you do live in the US, and you would like to get authorization to work here, this will come from the Department of Homeland Security. The reason that you will need to have a Social Security number is so that any employer that you have can report your earnings to the government of the United States.

How To Speed Up This Process

Some people are able to save an unnecessary trip to their local Social Security office if get an application that allows you to apply for not only your Social Security card, but your Social Security number at the same time. This same form is what you will use when you are asking for permission to work in the US. This is called Form I-765, and is part of not only the Department of Homeland Security, but also USCIS. It is technically called the application for employment authorization, and they will know exactly what you need. Simply ask for that particular form or the number of the form itself. After completed, the data that you have put on your form will be sent in so that you can get your Social Security card and number. This is how they have made it easier for not only people applying, but also those that are issuing Social Security numbers and cards.

Is It Possible That This Process Could Be Delayed?

This process can be delayed so you should not worry if you have not heard back from them for a few weeks. Since they are doing two separate things, it is probable that it may take some additional time to complete the process for both. Some people become apprehensive, thinking that they have been rejected, or that they have inadvertently filled the form out improperly. Instead, you should expect to get your card in about seven days after it is received and processed by the Social Security Administration, which is what most people experience. If it goes longer than that, give this an additional week. After that, you will want to speak with your representative at the local Social Security Administration office to see if they can trace what is happening on their end. Either way, you should have no problem getting both your work permit and your Social Security card with number so that you can legally work.

Do You Have To Use A Computer To Get These Forms?

There are many people that are apprehensive about using the Internet in order to obtain information at all. They would prefer working with an actual person. However, there are others that are more tech savvy, fully capable of finding, filling out, and downloading the forms that they will subsequently bring to the Social Security Administration office. Regardless of how you do it, you will obtain the proper forms. You will then submit them right away. In this particular case you simply need the one form which will act as both a request for your Social Security number and also your work permit.

Will It Be Active The Moment That You Receive It?

This is another question that many people ask. They wonder if there is some type of an activation process that they must go through after they receive the card. Essentially, once they have decided to print the card for you, you have been approved. If it does not come, that means that there was a problem on their end with either the forms that you have filled out, or that you are missing some information. Either way, once it arrives, you will know that you have been granted your Social Security number, and also your work permit, and you can begin to work for people in the United States.

Is There A Way To Get Help With Filling Out This Form?

The easiest way to fill out the form is to go to the Social Security administration office directly. They have trained individuals there that can help. For those that are apprehensive about interacting with people, you could do this online at Application-Filing-Service, but you would not be able to get the same level of help. It is also possible, while doing this on your own, that you could make mistakes which could possibly cause delays. If that occurs, you could end up missing jobs that you would have otherwise been able to get if you had received your approval and Social Security card weeks earlier.

The process of applying for your Social Security number while getting your work permit is very simple because of this form. Once you have downloaded it, or obtained it from the Social Security office, you can begin to fill it out. It is short, something that you could do in the span of half an hour. Once you have submitted it, you need to wait at least one or two weeks in order to receive your card and work permit in the mail. It is typically a very easy process for most people. If you have the time, you should go down to your local Social Security Administration office to obtain Form I-765 or downloaded from the web so it can be sent in to get your work permit and Social Security number.

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