How to Choose the Best First Puppy for Children

October 30, 2018

Choosing the best first puppy for the family is tricky business. You have to consider your children, how they will do with a puppy, and how much time you have to invest in a dog. Check off all the different things that you see below before picking a puppy, and remember that you can go to a local shelter where adoptions are often free or very cheap. These puppies need a good home, and could make that good home with your children and the dog that you get.

1.Read Up On Dogs

Read Up On Dogs
According to Don Pepper of Puppy Joy, it is extremely important to choose a dog breed that will match your family circumstance.You could see what it takes to handle a dog of any breed, and you can read pointers that have been written by professionals. Most people who get dogs have a general idea of how to handle them, but that does not mean that they clearly understand how to work with dogs. Let Puppy Joy tell you everything you need to know about dogs, and you can check off the other items on this list.

2. What Size Do You Need?

What do you need size
You might think that you love big dogs or small dogs. You might have wonderful dreams in your head like the German Shepherd you had a kid. However, you need to decide what is best for your kids. Kids who will roughhouse need a big dog or a dog that will grow larger. Kids who are very quiet and dainty could have a small dog, and the size of your house determines how much dog you can get. Big dogs cannot live in small spaces, and they usually need a place to run and play.

3.What Breed Is Best?

What Breed Is Best
You could spend the rest of your life researching which dog is best with kids, but this information is not going to tell you what is best for you. You have to balance the breed with the size of the dog. You cannot lean on the research you have read online because all dogs are different. Some tiny dogs are very aggressive, and some big dogs are so shy they will run away from a lizard.

4.Veterinary Costs

 Veterinary Costs
You must choose a dog that you can afford. You might think this is silly, but you have to remember that it costs more to keep up with large dogs who have joint issues as they get older. Be certain that you can get your dog in for special medications they might need, and you should consider that the dog you get will grow up with your child. Choose a breed that is going to live longer and be healthier in general.

Someone who is looking for a dog for the family must be careful when doing their research. You cannot assume that a certain dog is going to be perfect for your family just because someone else told you so. You need to do your research and check off all the boxes that you see here before getting a dog for your kids.

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