How to Discover Amazing Style Ideas to Refresh Your Look

February 20, 2019

Pretty much everyone has decided to refresh their look from time to time. Perhaps you’ve recently invested in some new clothing items, and you’ve decided to change your whole beauty regimen or even your hair color in order to fit the new you. Or maybe you caught a glimpse of yourself in a photo and you decided that you want to look a little different the next time you get snapped. Whatever the reason for your style overhaul, the problem often lies in finding inspiration. Refreshing your look is easier said than done, and it’s not always clear which places to look to find out the information. This article will explain some of the main options available.

Read magazines

Magazines are good places to start if you’re planning to overhaul your look. In the US, some major style magazines include Vogue, Marie Claire and Harper’s Bazaar – and they’re all widely available. By taking a look at what the latest catwalk models and other style icons are wearing and doing, it’s possible to get inspiration for yourself. Perhaps you have a distinctive hair color, and you’re not certain which type of clothing will be best to go with it. Or maybe you’re curious about which shoes go best with your new dress. Answers to all of these sorts of questions can often be spotted in magazines – especially the bumper editions with lots of high-quality photography in them.

It’s important to remember, however, that many magazines have a vested interest in creating a certain type of look. Often, the models featured in magazines or similar environments have an image that could be described as unusual compared to the vast majority of women. Clothes may appear to fit them perfectly as a result of them having unusually slim body shapes, for example. Or they may seem to have smooth skin – but have in fact been airbrushed. While beauty, fashion and style magazines may be able to provide some ideas for a refreshing makeover, it’s important to keep an open mind and ensure that you use as many different sources of inspiration as possible.

Head to the web

The advantage of choosing the web as your preferred media option is that it’s diverse – and that it can often cater to every single style niche out there. Perhaps you’re interested in plus-size styling options, and how to find clothes that both look great and suit your shape. Or maybe you have a specific problem with your hair, such as constant split ends or frizziness. With the internet, you can almost guarantee that if you have a style-related question, someone else will have had it before you.

The web also has another advantage, and that’s diversity of content. In a magazine, it’s likely that you’ll only see a small range of images. But just take a look at the Viabrance Pinterest page: Viabrance has curated an amazing selection of hairstyle ideas, and there are repositories of this variety across the web. It’s unlikely that you’ll ever be short of inspiration if you’ve got a laptop, a phone or a tablet at your fingertips!

Ask a specialist

In the modern age, a new type of profession has sprung up to help people carry out the makeovers they need. Style consultants, as they are known, are often able to take a holistic overview of your style and advise on where to make changes. Depending on the precise skill set of the consultant, they may begin by looking in particular at the relationship between your style and your body image. Perhaps they will look at whether you have a particular area of your body that you’re ashamed of or embarrassed about, and how to address this.

Other style consultants are much more practically minded, and act as a personal shopper. They are likely to take your measurements first, and then also think about how colors and textures would fit with your wider body shape and appearance. If you have pale skin, for example, they may recommend pastel colors. Services like these often cost money, which is the downside when compared to relatively cheap magazines or free websites – but given that so many style consultants are experienced specialists, it is likely to be cash well spent.

Style ideas are often very hard to come by. However, it doesn’t have to be this way: by looking at media sources such as the internet and style magazines or even hiring a professional style consultant, it’s possible to find hair, beauty and fashion inspiration that works for your needs and that can help you look as great as possible every day.

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