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How to Find the Perfect House Cleaning Service in Chicago

September 20, 2019

House cleaning is a type of service that many Chicagoan homeowners depend on. It allows them to relax and still come home to a flawless and organized home. It’s also the perfect choice for homeowners who are busy and don’t have the time to clean their homes.

Getting house cleaning Chicago be a little challenging, especially when there are many companies to choose from. So, how do you find the most reliable one? Here’s how you can do it.

Things to Consider

There are several things you have to consider before you hire a house cleaning in Chicago. Below are just a few:

  • Experience
  • Rate
  • Services
  • Location


Firstly, knowing the company’s experience can help you feel a lot more comfortable hiring them. It only makes sense to hire a company that’s been in the business for a while.


When a company has been in the service for a long time, you can almost guarantee they offer excellent services. After all, they won’t be able to stay long when their past clients wouldn’t have been satisfied with their work.

Experience is a great teacher. With that said, an experienced company must have learned a lot of things over the course of their services. They must be used in various situations and know how to handle them.

Overall, an established and experienced house cleaning company is always a better choice.


Each company has its own rate. Some are more expensive, while others are more reasonable. Some companies charge per hour, while, others charge based on how big your home is and its condition.

Take note that additional services will also affect how much you’ll be charged.
Either way, you should check with the top three companies of your choice. Know how much it’ll likely cost you, and stick with your budget.


Various home cleaning companies offer a variety of additional services. For example, there are places that provide upholstery and rug cleaning. On the other hand, some help deep clean tiles and woodwork.

Note that these services will charge you more money.


Many companies offer their services in various neighborhoods around Chicago.

If they’re closer to you, the better because their location normally affects their rates. So, choosing a company near you can help you save some money.

Additionally, you’ll get to know the kind of reputation the company has when it’s local. What do your neighbors think of them? Has your family or friends ever hire them before?

How to Choose a Company

The most important thing to remember is that the company should be reliable. You’re letting strangers into your home. You have to ensure the company does background checks on their workers.

Make sure that the company also has proper liability insurance. It protects you and their workers when there are untoward incidents.

Lastly, be sure that you read reviews about the company. With today’s technology, it’s easy to know what their past clients say about them. Check reviews on their sites as well as their ranking on Better Business Bureau.

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