How to Keep Up with Everything as a Student: Pro Tips from Graduates

February 26, 2020

Most of all, know how hard studying can get. Endless lectures and exams, tons of academic assignments, and lots of stress and pressure on top of everything – these are the issues college students face daily.

To complicate the matter, many students also have to work to get money for living. Sometimes, the situation gets so intense; you may feel like you barely can keep up with everything.

But isn’t college supposed to be fun? Yes, that’s what many think before they actually get there.

The truth is that studying has never been a piece of cake. However, it doesn’t have to be so stressful. Probably each of you knows a few students that nail their academics and stay on top of everything at all times. It seems like they are superhumans.

Want to know their secret? Keep reading.

Here are some of the best practical tips from graduates that will help you stay on top of everything in college.

Don’t Underestimate the Help Your Professor Can Give

“I wish someone would tell me this earlier. Then I would do so much better in college!” – one graduate with the Academic Excellence Award confesses.

Taking advantage of your professors’ office hours is literally the best thing you can do to ensure success.

Most younger students find asking for a professor’s help or advice, either unnecessary or even humiliating. Grads, on the contrary, confirm that connecting with your teachers is a way to go.

Using their office hours to your benefit is a good opportunity to get to know them better, establish relationships, and, most importantly, – get valuable mentorship.

Find a Reliable Academic Helper to Back You Up

Young people generally have varying opinions on essay writing services and their handiness in academic life. Some use them regularly, while others don’t favor such methods.

However, in reality, most graduates confirm that, at times, a reliable helper is all you need to make it. Students, who have already gotten their degrees, assure that having a reliable writing service at hand is priceless. If you do, you are pretty much ready for everything.

“Sometimes, studies can get just too intense,” – says one MBA graduate. “If you want to keep up with everything, there is no way to get around without a bit of help. For example, I used for three years, starting as a sophomore. And I didn’t regret it.”

Plan, Plan, Plan!

Planning is one of those things all top students do. Having a specific to-do list for every day is the best way to get organized and going. It is also a way to manage your goals and track progress, which is why it is another valuable tip.

A good to-do list for sure takes things to the next level. As a student, you likely have lots of tasks to be handled every day, and the best way to keep up with all of them is by having a detailed plan.

Keep a Calendar

When you enter a college, your whole habitual lifestyle and schedule turn upside down. Now, there are plenty of deadlines and events to keep in mind.

Obviously, you won’t be able to stay on top of everything if you can’t recall those important days, which is why keeping a calendar is grads’ next tip.

Why keep a calendar if I am already keeping a to-do list, you may wonder? Well, these two tools, though the objective is the same, are meant for tracking different things.

While a to-do list is a set of tasks you have to do, a calendar is your best friend in keeping all events and due dates in order.

Set the Right Goals

Setting goals, just like planning, plays a vital role in one’s success in life. This is a trick many successful people, not only students, use.

If you set goals, you will have a clearer idea of which direction to follow. This will help you get motivated and set priorities correctly. But make sure those goals are manageable and time-bound.

These are the main characteristics of properly set goals.

Treat Yourself

The last, but not least crucial tip from recent graduates is not to forget to treat yourself for the great job you’ve done! Just setting the right goals and planning your time wisely won’t get you far.

Working hard on attaining those goals, you can burn out and lose motivation rather quickly unless you reward yourself.

A reward can be pretty much anything. You can schedule a day off to have fun with friends after completing a large project or buy something you’ve been dreaming about for a while. Get creative here.

Kattie, one of the graduates, says – “Treating myself is what actually helped me get through my worst times at the uni, retaining motivation and positive attitude.”

Wrapping Up

These are some of the best tips to stay organized at college and ensure success. Follow the ones you find fitting and turn them into habits.

Once you do, you will keep up with everything easily!

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