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How to Keep Your Home Safe And Clean During The Coronavirus

April 3, 2020

More than 83,000 cases of coronavirus in the United States are under investigation to find the source of exposure.

From the positive cases that have been reviewed, close contact is the main culprit of spreading the virus.

To keep yourself and your family safe, you must create a safe space, which will be your home.

Continue reading to discover some of the most important ways to keep your home safe and protect your family!

1. Keep Other People out

If someone outside of your home comes to visit or makes repairs, there are a couple of things to do.

When friends and family members knock at the door, they should remain outside of the house. You can talk with people in outdoor locations, but it is still crucial to remain at least 6 feet apart.

When you need repairs on the house, you will have to let someone in, however. Take a look at this article, it discusses how an air heating and cooling company is adapting their in-home services.

No matter who comes around, always sanitize thoroughly. Clean everything that is touched (especially door handles and light switches).

2. Clean and Disinfect

One of the most important things to keeping your home safe is cleaning and disinfecting.

Unfortunately, many people have been laid off from their jobs and are under stay at home orders. If this applies to you, use your extra time to clean your home. You can use bleach and alcohol solutions that have at least 70% alcohol. Another option to clean with is Lysol and
disinfectant sprays.

Every day, you should wipe off the major hotspots. These include light switches, door handles, TV remotes, and phones. Before bringing in any groceries or items, spray them down with disinfectant and leave them outside for 3 days, if possible.

3. Wash Your Hands

Washing your hands is the number 1 rule right now. You must always be washing your hands to prevent the spread of the virus.

Although your hands may get dry and crack from washing so much, it is the best way to prevent the spread. Anti-bacterial soaps and hand sanitizers help kill coronavirus. If you or someone else has a difficult time washing their hands thoroughly, you can count to 20 or put a timer near the sink.

Scrub your hands as much as you can to get rid of the virus. Most dirt and bacteria build up around your nails and between your fingers.

Try applying lotion to your hands before bed to prevent your hands from drying out too much.

Keep Your Home Safe to Stop the Spread

The coronavirus is impacting families all over the globe and splitting them apart.

By making your home safe with extra precautions and cleaning routines, you can lower your risk of this happening to you.

During this pandemic, you should be using your time to disinfect items in the home, keep people out, and prevent the spread of this deadly disease.

Be sure to check out our blog for more articles about how you can protect yourself and your family from the coronavirus!

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