How to Make Sure You Have a Good Flight on Every Trip

February 1, 2020

Want to know the keys to flying with comfort and ease? Learn how to have a good flight every single time you fly by following these tips.

Traveling can always be a pain. From dealing with security to making sure you have everything packed, there is always something that can go wrong. Traveling through an airplane is an amazing experience yet a dream for many out of their deep-seated fear of flying. But that’s not the end of the road as you can join an online course to get over flying anxiety.

To make sure you have a good flight, there are a few items you can consider beforehand! Preparation is your best weapon against a lot of troubles that can come your way.

What should you prepare? What pieces are important and what isn’t worth worrying over? Today we’ll guide you through a quick airport preparation.

Flying With Comfort and Ease in Mind

When it comes to making sure you have a good flight, you can break down everyone on the To-Do list into comfort and ease.

Comfort will be helping you avoid soreness, irritability, and general sourness that can ruin an otherwise good flight.

Ease, on the other hand, keeps you moving smoothly and your effort minimal from beginning to end.

Either way, they are the lifesavers of airport travel. What big checkmarks are on these two lists? Let’s go over the big ones.


Comfort includes what to pack, how to pack, and little details you may forget like airport food. Keep these 3 ideas in mind when prepping for your flight.

1. Dress in Layers

Layers are an important factor for dealing with the shift in climate traveling around the world can bring. When its cold though, your jacket packed in your suitcase doesn’t help.

When in doubt, wear easy to remove layers. This way you can adjust on the fly and don’t have to bemoan packing that perfect piece of insulation.

2. Wear Shoes Made for Walking

Even the smallest of airports have a lot of walking. Also, you will be standing for most of airport security and to board your flight.

Wear comfortable shoes. If the shoes are also easy to remove and put back on for the TSA security check, all the better.

3. Eat Before the Airport

Airport food can range from ok to great, but they are all very expensive. The last thing you want to do is have no choice but to pay for overpriced food.

To fix this, eat well beforehand. You should have enough time before and during your flight to digest so you can avoid stomach aches.

If you have a really long flight, pack some light snacks.


Ease is the peace of mind that you can get from knowing that you are good with everything that you need to do.

Keep these 3 major moves in mind to avoid the stress of problem moments.

1. Pre-Check Ins

Checking in for your flight the night before is not only a fantastic way to skip the long lines in the airport, but it also gives you a last-minute rundown of what you need to do.

Depending on who you fly with, they will give you reminders on baggage check-ins and carry-on requirements. Use this to double-check what you have packed.

2. Boarding Passes

Another long line to avoid is printing your boarding passes. Many airlines even have a mobile app for ease of use!

This saves you time and a lot of frustration. Arriving early for a flight only to have whatever extra time eaten up by printing problems the day of is a nightmare.

3. Arriving on Time

The time between your flight and when you arrive should cover passing through security and getting set up, with enough wiggle room for any problems.

To help ensure you get there on time and ready to go, you may want to get an airport transfer. When in doubt, leave the airport traffic to capable hands.

Have a Good Flight

Comfort situated? Check. Easy solutions plotted out and secured? Check. You are clear for a more comfortable airport experience, we hope you have a good flight.

For all other aspects of your trips, from wonderful places to go and things to do while there, we have all sorts of articles here for you to see at WassupMate. Check out our many different categories and go have a wonderful time!

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