How to Match Bangles with an Indian Outfit

October 5, 2019

A traditional accessory used uniquely in India and undoubtedly more than anywhere else in the world is the bangle. A symbol of feminity, ethnicity and womanhood, a woman in India love to pair bangles with their Indian outfits. Be it a saree, salwar, half-saree, ghagra or lehenga choli, bangles are a must to complete the traditional and ethnic look. Below is a complete guide of how to match bangles the right way with the Indian outfit to get the look bang on!

Here is a guide to pair your bangles design in gold with an Indian outfit to exude style, grace and elan at your next formal or casual do:

1. Salwar Kameez

When donning a salwar kameez, always pair bangles that match the sleeves. Make sure you wear a slightly ornate bangle with short sleeves and a minimalistically designed one with long sleeves. For salwar kurtas meant for special occasions like festivals, weddings or anniversaries choose from the simple, elegant ones that will complement the heavy embroidery or intricate work on your outfit. If your salwar has less work on it but the richness of the material is its highlight, then opt for diamond bangles as they will enhance the look and exude a regal appeal.

2. Saree

Saree, the only unstitched garment in the world has long been the most celebrated apparel in the fashion circle. Sarees are donned by women all over the world and most women in India are draped in them for over half of their life. Bangles only accentuate the look of the saree and give it the complete traditional look. You can choose bangles- gold, silver, platinum or diamond or stone studded according to the design and work on the saree. For a saree with less work, opt for intricate patterned or diamond-studded designs. For a saree which has elaborate work, you could choose to pair with a simple styled pair of bangles to coordinate the styles.

3. Half Saree, Ghagra or Lehenga Cholis

The half-saree is a popular garment in South India worn by adolescent girls. With skirts that stretch upto the ankle, the half sari is a like a part stitched saree. It comes in variant colours and it looks best when paired with a simple and contemporary styled gold bangle with glass bangles around it. Ghagras and lehengas are in style and vogue these days. For there sheer brilliance and ease of comfort, lehengas have become a popular outfit for all occasions- girls to women. They also come in different styles and cuts and can be paired with some ornate jewellery to look resplendent on any occasion. Bangles- gold, silver or glass go well with ghaghras and lehengas. Diamond bangles- classy and posh are enough to make a statement with your lehenga and look a million bucks at any event.

You can pair diamond and gold bangles with other varieties depending on the outfit and occasion. If you wish to look heavily dressed then you can opt for them. Alternatively, you can choose to mix and match with glass,lac or metal bangles to pick the simple aesthetic look. The most captivating aspect of bangles is that they can effortlessly accessorize almost every Indian outfit- even a kurta paired with jeans. Be it workwear, occasion wear or party wear- bangles complete the Indian outfit and are equally trendy in look and style.

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