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How To Start an Art Wall in Your Home

February 17, 2021

Turn your home into a personal art gallery or dress up your favorite family photos with an art wall. This iconic accent wall design can be used in virtually any room in your home to create a focal point, add visual interest or simply flex your artistic muscles. Here are some steps to help you prepare and pull off your art wall with ease. Shop for acrylic framed art to inspire your selection or add the finishing touches to your wall.

Start With an Inspiration

An art wall is a highly personal design decision. You may become bored or uninterested with your design if you don’t have any personal connections with any of the pieces. Start with a few vacation photos, cherished gifts or family heirlooms. These meaningful items can help inspire you to create the color scheme, design style and other features of your art wall.

Choose Colors Wisely

A blend of colors may be exciting in some situations, but it can quickly become overwhelming. To keep your wall unified and welcoming, choose a single color or complementing colors to highlight in your wall. Every piece of oversized art and decor doesn’t need to be fully this color, but having a base color helps you decide whether a piece adds to or detracts from your art wall.

Consider Your Theme

Another way to organize your wall is to create a theme. A motif brings elements together in an even tighter design than a simple color scheme can’t. If you love travel, a particular period of history or a texture, use this as the foundation of your art wall. A travel-based wall can inspire you with vignettes of new destinations, while a historical period can add a sense of timelessness to your home.

Balance Ordered and Creative Elements

A highly organized art wall can be calming, but too much organization can leave it feeling sterile. Creative chaos adds a wild side to your home and can draw in viewers, but too much promotes disunity and stress.

Balance ordered lines with a variety of frame sizes. You can also combine these elements in other ways, like varying lines of uniform frames. Your ideal balance of order and creative chaos may be different than someone else, so experiment with your art wall until it pleases you.

Don’t Be Afraid To Edit Your Work

The beauty of an art wall is that it’s an ongoing process that’s highly personal. Don’t settle for the first arrangement you hang, but feel free to edit, reorganize or shake up your wall from time to time. You’re the one who will be looking at it day in and day out, so let your art empower you to create a pleasing design for you.

Start Your Art Wall Today

Shop online for framed wall art, wallpaper and other elements to complete your art wall. Online shopping makes it easy to find elements that fit your existing theme or color scheme and have them shipped directly to your home. Match new elements with your existing wall or start fresh with all new artwork.

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