How to Tell if Your Internet Is Underperforming

August 29, 2023

A slow internet connection makes it hard to stream, difficult to work, and all but impossible to game or sift through your socials. If you suspect that your internet has been underperforming lately, there are a few key ways to confirm or deny your suspicions. This guide talks you through the basic checkpoints so that slow internet never darkens your door again. 

Test It

It is possible to test your internet speed really easily, and the most you need to do is press a button on the screen. These results will show you how your speed matches up to the others in your local area. If there is a noticeable difference, it is time to think about switching ISPs. Another option is to talk to your provider about why the speed is so different from others, and whether they have any plans to fix the problem.

Your Connection is Slow

There is an obvious clue that your connection is underperforming, and that is a slow browsing or streaming experience. Whether you are waiting for a game to connect to a live online platform or struggling to get through the newest episode of a series, buffering symbols and blank screens are the worst. The same is true of those at home worker bees attempting to have a productive work day but facing slow software and meeting lags. When these things are happening, it’s time to investigate and make some changes. 

Why Does the Internet Work Slowly Sometimes?

The two actions above will help you determine whether you have a problem. Figuring out the cause is the next step. Here are some common reasons why connectivity suffers so you can navigate the best outcome.

Viruses or Malware

If you have neglected your anti-virus software, then your PC is vulnerable. Viruses and malware are extremely harmful to your browser and connectivity and could be why you are having such a difficult time. 

ISP Letting You Down

There are plenty of reasons why an ISP may be letting you down. From infiltrations to overwhelmed servers, the possibility for something to go wrong is always a factor. If too many people are trying to access the server, your connection will suffer. Similarly, if the network has been compromised by hackers or even a virus, then you won’t see high levels of performance either. 

The Weather

Yes, even the weather has an impact on how well your internet speed delivers. If it is heavily raining outside of your window, or a storm is underway with strong winds and cloudy skies, certain non-fiber lines in particular are extremely vulnerable to the effects of this. Things won’t get better until it clears up, and even then, there may be damage to the cables that need fixing before things go back to normal. 

Your Device

Sometimes, older devices struggle to keep up with modern connections. So, when a laptop, console, or other has been around for a few years or more, it could be beneficial to update to a newer model. 

When the internet underperforms it is undoubtedly frustrating. Whether your workday is being interrupted or you are struggling to join a live game, the problem needs sorting.

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