How To Track Who Visits My Website?

May 28, 2021

As more people conduct business online, carving out a customer base can prove difficult. It can be beneficial for web owners to gauge the traffic on their site, revealing the behaviors of visitors and potential clients.

How Can Tracking Website Visitors Help My Business?

Knowing about your visitor base can help improve your website performance and business in various ways. By learning the location of their guests, for example, businesses can promote to specific regions or cultures. Seeing how visitors navigate the site can reveal redundancies or less popular features that can subsequently be eliminated. There is potential for growth and improvement with an increased flow of information in regards to the site’s traffic.

What Tools Are Available to Track Website Usage?

There are many tools available to gauge web traffic. The most common are “cookies”. They’re packets of data stored in a user’s web browser. Transmitted from the visited site to the computer, these cookies can track login information, maintain shopping carts, or report how users navigate to and from a particular page.

Google Analytics is another tool that can gauge web usage by a number of metrics. By simply cutting and pasting some code into a site, Google will be able to provide an abundance of data such as page views, time spent on each page, and bounce rates (when people leave the site altogether). Site owners can use this data to streamline their sites, placing more focus on the portions of their sites that are most attractive to viewers.

Privacy and Security

Due to the sensitivity of private data and security, most of the information provided by web trackers are anonymous. Google Analytics, for example, will clear individual browser data from all gathered metrics before providing any reports. Many jurisdictions also have laws in place preventing businesses from sharing consumers’ personal information. Although these regulations vary from place to place, it is in the best interest of a company to operate in good faith, not only to adhere to the rules, but to retain customer trust. There are entities, however, that can provide more specific user information, usually in the form of an IP address.

IP Identification

An Internet Protocol Address is a series of numbers used to identify and locate a computer network. Private services can pinpoint which businesses own these IPs, and subsequently determine things like marketing or sales contacts within those organizations. This, coupled with analytic tracking, can assist in things like targeted marketing and sales growth.


Although it is difficult to pinpoint the particulars of who is perusing any particular web site, there are many tools available online to track user’s activity. Some services can even track IP addresses, which can narrow user data down to a specific business or location.

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