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How to Wash High Windows

March 24, 2021

High windows are usually located at hard-to-reach locations or above a sloped area, which makes cleaning them quite tricky. These windows may get quite dirty if they have not been washed in a while. Here we shall see how you can get to those high windows to get them looking clean and fresh.  Before we move on to our tips, did you know you can find the best window cleaners or fensterputzer over at Helpling?

Removing Dust

  1. Place a ladder under the window at an angle that is safe. You can ensure this by standing with your toes against the ladder’s feet and stretching your arms in front of you. Your fingers should be touching the rungs of the ladder. Also, make sure the ladder touches your hip area or midsection when you are on it.
  2. Use a wet cloth or handheld vacuum to wipe down the windows. The vacuum will be better for cleaning spider webs or animal droppings. A wet cloth is more suited for a light layer of dust or dirt on the windows.
  3. Do not lean out of a high window from the inside. You might run the risk of falling out of the window. While cleaning them from the outside, you should be on a stable ladder.

Washing the Windows

  1. Get an extendable pole with an attachment head. It should ideally be around 18 feet. The pole comes with a locking device so that you can fix it at your preferred length. You will be able to attach a stripper washer or a squeegee to the head.
  2. You will require a strip washer, which is a flat brush that will help you to properly clean the window. You may need more than one since they get worn out over time.
  3. A squeegee with a rubber blade will help you get the best results. It will allow you to move the cleaning solution without forming streaks.
  4. Put the strip washer in a bucket of cleaning solution and allow it to soak for a minute or two. Pour a small amount of mild cleaning detergent and soap into a bucket. A natural option would be a mixture of water and white vinegar.
  5. Attach the strip washer to your extended pole. It should be wet but not dripping. Remove the excess water by shaking it before you attach it to the pole.
  6. Move from the bottom up while cleaning the window. Use a smooth and even stroke as you go up, then bring it down to the bottom. Move over to the area next to it. Do not go over the same area again.
  7. After you have cleaned the whole window, replace the strip washer with the squeegee. It should be completely clean and dry.
  8. Clean the cleaning solution using the squeegee. Move from the top corner and go towards the bottom using a swift stroke. It will clear out any soap along with the dirt.
  9. Clean the squeegee using a cloth between every wipe. This will ensure that you do not spread the soap or the dirt around the window. If it is very dirty, you can dip it in a bucket of water and then wipe it off till it’s dry.
  10. Keep using the squeegee till all the soap has been cleared out. You can move on to the next window after all the soap has been removed from the previous one. Always ensure that the squeegee is clean so as to avoid streaks on the glass.

Drying the Windows

  1. Remove the extra water using a dry strip washer on the extendable pole. Make sure to remove the water or soap from the window frames before they dry. The residual water may cause damage to the wooden frames.
  2. If you do not have a dry strip washer, you can use a ladder to wipe off the excess water with a rag. Use the dry cloth to dab on the remaining water on the frame to remove it.
  3. Let the windows dry throughout the night. It would be better to do the cleaning on a dry day so that rain does not spoil the clean windows.


You can always hire a professional to get your high windows cleaned. However, this guide will help you do the job on your own and save a few bucks.

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