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Interesting & Unique Alternative Furnishings

August 1, 2019

Every time we think about re-styling or re-decorating a space in our home then we want it to be unique to us and so it’s very tempting to think about alternative ideas that will be markedly different from the norm. So how is the best way to go about this as it can be quite intimidating to make a break out in your own direction. Here we take a quick look at some ideas of how to stand out from the crowd.

Unique & Individual Pieces

When looking to individualize your taste then why not go the whole way and get your own unique pieces of furniture custom-made? This is the ultimate way of getting your exact choice, in a style and look to suit your home. If you can find a good, skilled furniture maker who will work with you to realize what it is you want and how to achieve it. This is a particularly expensive option, so it’s always possible to take some classes and learn how to do this yourself, which is a great way to pick up a new hobby and save some money.

Furniture Solutions For Small Areas

If space is tight then it’s an additional headache to be able to furnish the place to your personality and style so you’ll need to make some tough decisions. Maybe utilizing items that can be of two uses, sofas or beds with storage in them or even a sofa-bed, especially for a guest room. Also, look at the shape of each room and try to use any space wisely, if there is a recess area use it for furniture that would otherwise protrude outwards.

Furniture Using Sustainable Materials

Environmental concerns are further up everyone’s agenda these days and it’s starting to become a factor in all aspects of life, including furniture design and manufacture. The type of materials used in manufacture is becoming a concern and even thinking about how furniture can be disposed of and recycled is becoming a concern. Take the example of these Organic Mattresses by Birch Living which is made of natural, organic materials.

Scaling Back: Minimalist Ideas

If you want to make a statement don’t forget that what you don’t have can say as much about you as what you do have. A sleek and minimalist layout can really look the part, especially in a more modern building. These days there really is less need for loads of storage in the home as so much of our culture and entertainment has gone digital through streaming and so eliminates the need for as many book-shelves, record shelves and video cases.

Using Non-Furniture Items As Furniture

Another interesting idea is to utilize traditionally non-furniture items as furniture can really give an interesting effect. You can see here some excellent examples of repurposed materials being used to create furniture, from old pallet boards to carboard, even the side of an old tank! The limit is really your imagination and what you can find around!

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