Is Crypto Trading Scam or Legit? Facts You Should Know

January 3, 2022

Nowadays, crypto trading is quite popular because it has brought about a number of opportunities in the market. Moreover, different kinds of investment platforms and brokers are establishing themselves in the industry to give you room for profitable trading. However, this growth rate in the market sector also gives rise to so many scam organizations and scammers who try to take advantage of such opportunities.

Basically, these people will do everything just to get your money and disappear with it right after. Some may argue that there are legit exchanges out there especially those based on decentralized transactions where traders can engage without any interference from third parties or even regulations by centralized authorities. Unfortunately, even the decentralized exchanges aren’t immune from illegal activities and since most of them lack regulations that would protect the traders from the crypto trading scam, you need to be careful on who you trust your money with. But don’t worry, first you just visit  best crypto exchange UK, where you’ll get a complete and authentic guideline about the trusted platform where you can do your crypto trading quite easily. As this site is one of the most favorite guideline platforms of many wealthy crypto traders. 

Then in this article, we will discuss all of these things and also give tips on how you can avoid becoming a victim or a scam user. Let us start exploring the crypto exchanges deeply.

What Is a Crypto Exchange?

A crypto exchange is an online platform that allows people to buy and sell cryptocurrencies for other digital currency or fiat currency. These online exchanges conduct their businesses by matching the buyers with the sellers dealing in various currencies including Bitcoin, Ether, Ripple etc. In addition , they may facilitate the conversion of one cryptocurrency into another as well as some other services depending on what kind of exchange it is . But does this mean that every cryptocurrency exchange out there is legit? No, not at all.

Is Crypto Trading Legit?

Since the cryptocurrency market is still developing and lacks common regulations that would protect you from getting scammed, this makes it quite different from other types of market transactions including stocks and Forex. While we all expect an increase in the number of legit exchanges , there are still so many scams out there.

As a trader or investor , you need to know how they work and be aware of any possible dangers you might face when dealing with them.

How to Identify a Scam Crypto Exchange?

There are several things that can help you identify if the crypto exchange that you want to open an account with is actually a scam or not . In most cases, these platforms will promise high returns but end up taking your money instead after opening an account with them.

On the other hand, some may require wallet details which you should avoid at all costs. Plus, these exchanges might only offer limited services and their interface is very confusing.  

With that said , here are some of the common signs that would tell if the platform you are using is legit or not…

Website Domain Lookup

 The first thing you need to do when opening your account with an exchange is to find out how they look by getting on their website. A good crypto exchange must have a well-designed interface with proper graphics and information on how it works on it . However, if whatever you see doesn’t make sense to you or seems too shady for your liking, then better stay away from it.

Number of Currencies Offered

The number of cryptocurrency coins offered by an exchange is also another important thing to consider. A legit one should have more than just one or two currencies that would give you greater trading opportunities . If the platform offers only a few coins or even just one, then it might be a scam.

Security Features

This is not all about how secure their website is but also what kind of protection they offer their customers when it comes to funds and personal information . You should make sure that your information will remain confidential and you are given several options on how to keep it safe. Likewise, the funds for investments should be well protected as well , especially against attacks like DDoS.

Customer Support

Another important thing to consider before choosing an exchange is how responsive their customer support section is in case you have some sort of problems in the future . Some of these exchanges do not create it themselves but outsource it which can take several days even weeks for them to respond. This alone should already tell that there are issues with the site or something else.

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