Know the Tax Deductibles to Save Money by Consolidating Your Debts

January 26, 2019

Handling tax return is a critical matter. You need to understand a few things that probably we generally do not know. If you want to shrink your tax bill, the smartest thing which you can ponder upon is claiming all your deductions. Before you claim deductions, you need to understand the deductions that you can actually claim. There are certain deductions that you cannot write off when filing your taxes. Deductions will reduce your taxable income. This is why people are always keen to apply for claiming their deductions.
Knowing the tax deductibles is important, especially when you are trapped with hefty debts. Saving money through the tax deductibles can help you to accumulate a good portion of money which can be used for debt settlement.

Pet Care Expenses

We all love pets, and for pet care, we have certain expenses. Parenting pets is not an easy thing, and it involves a lot of expenses too. Apart from proper nutritious foods for the pets, you have to bear with its medical expenses and training process. Despite the pet is your dependent, you would not be able to claim any tax deductions for the expenses that you make on a daily basis for your pets. However, there is a way to claim tax deductions if you are a pet lover. You can donate to an organization which takes care of the pets. You can also donate to organizations that supply pet foods. But, there are no specific deductions for your pet in the house. All expenses related to your pets are completely taxable.

Commuting Expenses

It has been reminded that business travel expenses are deductible in most of the cases. When you are traveling for the employer, the employer is liable for paying all the expenses to you. However, initially, employees make all the expenses and then they show up the expenses to the employer for a refund. When you are filing a tax return, you can strike off the traveling expenses for your employers as deductions. Though professional traveling expenses are deductible, commuting expenses are not considered as deductible under the rules or norms by the tax department. For example, you have to reach the office by taking a bus, taxi and other means of transportation. All these expenses are your personal expenses, and you cannot claim deductions on them. However, if you have high conveyance expenses, you can bring the situation in the notice of your employer. In many such cases, employers may agree to pay a part of your conveyance expenses. To know more about saving money for paying the debts, you can check

Donation to Non-Qualifying Charities

Donating into the non-qualifying charities would not fetch you any tax deductions. Since there is a tax deduction on donations in charitable funds, many people use this opportunity as a loophole to evade tax payment. This is why charitable funds are monitored closely by the tax department. Some fixed rules have been implemented to judge the validity of the charitable funds. Donating money into the non-qualifying charities will not fetch you any deductions.

In many cases, you may donate money in the noble cause, but it would not be considered as charity. For example, you donate money to an unemployed person. It is a noble thing, but it cannot be claimed as a tax deduction.

Home Improvement Expenses

In most of the cases, home improvement expenses are not deductible. However, there could be some exceptions too in this matter. If you think that you have a valid claim, you need to consult a good financial advisor. Based on the consultation, you can think about the measures that you would take in future in this matter. The moral of the story is that your home improvement or refurbishing expenses cannot be written off as deductible from your tax return. Not just home improvement expenses, the same thing is applicable to the office improvement expenses.

Gym Membership Fee

Your gym membership fee is not deductible for your taxable income. The IRS will not give you any sorts of tax relief if you choose to join a gym for staying fit as well as healthy. Staying healthy is important. But, you have to make your expenses for that regard without expecting any deductions in a tax return from the tax department.

Plastic Surgery Expenses

Some medical expenses are deductible under the tax norms, but that is not applicable in case of plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery. If you undergo liposuction, dental cosmetic surgeries and various other kinds of cosmetic surgeries, you cannot claim a deduction for all these expenses from your tax return.

Money Spent in Working as Volunteer

At crunchy situation, people and the country may require volunteers for disaster management. It is not just time-consuming, but also a matter of a few additional expenses. When you work as a volunteer in an emergency or charitable organizations, you may make some personal expenses. Since these expenses occur during the time when you were involved with some noble tasks, you certainly cannot claim a deductible from your tax return. Such expenses do not qualify as deductions, and thus you cannot write them off when filing taxes.

Child Support Payments

It is the moral duty of every parent to give all sorts of basic support to children. For example, good education, seamless healthcare, and excellent nutrition are some of the things that every kid needs. All these things come in exchange for certain expenses. For your child support, you may make various kinds of payments. All these payments are not deductible from your tax return. You cannot write these expenses off when you are filing your tax return.

Babysitting Fees

Working parents have to make some expenses on a regular basis for babysitting service. Since the demand for such a service is rising, the fee of babysitting is getting higher. The bad thing for parents is that babysitting fee cannot be included in your nontaxable income. There is no deductible allowed in this regard. Thus, you cannot claim deductions on the expenses that you have made for hiring babysitting service.

There are certain cases where you can get tax deductions and certain cases where you cannot claim deductions. Knowing these things will help you to plan your personal finance in a better way. As a result, you would be able to plan the debt settlement in a more realistic way.

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