Latest Swooning Wedding Dress Designs for This Fall

August 31, 2018

Listen up, fall 2018 brides! Your wedding day is the ultimate celebration of your devotion and love. And as the bride, you are the center of attention all through the happy day! So you better look your best when you say “I do” in an alluring, swoon-worthy wedding dress.

However, with so many fancy wedding dresses, finding the right ONE is not easy.

Well, if you are still not unsure about your wedding dress, here are the latest wedding dress designs and trends this fall that should give you a head start!

1. Long Sleeves And Plunging Necklines

Modesty takes a modern turn thus fall 2018. And although long, lace sleeves are popular, you still have plenty of chances to be daring.

Most of the long-sleeved wedding gowns of today sports a deep, V-neck plunging neckline that has a more risqué take on the Victorian-style wedding dresses.

A dash of femininity without being too girly, these wedding dresses have an incredible blend of glamour, sophistication, and tradition.

2. Wedding Jackets

Don’t feel like being a full-on Disney princess type? No problem! There are plenty of cool wedding-ready themed jackets which you can use to top off your beautiful lace wedding dresses. We can guarantee you that this is the only wedding piece that you get to wear over and over again.

3. Hint Of Color

Traditionally, wedding gowns are white. However, designers of wedding gowns today have been adding pops of colors and colorful looks to their new collections for the last few seasons. For the spring season, most designers included unexpected black detailing to their wedding dresses which makes a shift away from the romantic pastel hues that we have seen before.

This fall season, the hint of colors are back again, but this time the light and airy colors take a stand. Pale blue, gold, pink and even light purple made their way on wedding dress designs.

4. Minimalist Wedding Dress

On the flip side, a classic bride can go for an elegantly understated and unembellished, but still a hundred-percent statement-making look, mind you, with silky, sultry, slips and body-hugging mermaid wedding dresses plus voluminous and structured silk crepe ball gowns.

5. Princess Capes

Wedding dress designers now want you to channel your inner Snow White when you say “I do”. Skip the veil or train and top your elegant wedding dress with a chic and elegant cape. Whether they were mini, mid or long, capes are a fashionable way to showcase that you are the princess of the day!

6. Full Skirts And Ball Gowns

The traditional ball gown has always been a basic wedding dress. However, designers still added a few spices in a sea of mermaid-style sheaths and gowns- ball gowns with full skirts and structured bodice to steal the show.

These princess-inspired wedding gowns ranged from smooth, sleek satin to layers of tulle. Some offer a minimalistic approach but most sported intricate layers of delicate lace or sparkling bead works.

7. Bows

Bridal gowns and bows go together hand-in-hand, however this fall season, beribboned looms prove that the feministic detail can be made modern and chic. From small accent on an off-shoulder sleeve to a bow-covered jumpsuit top, these demure details can make a huge impact on your wedding day!

8. Detached Sleeves

‘Tis the evolution if off shoulder wedding dresses! Wedding dress designers still feature off shoulder wedding dresses, but this fall season, that trend will come on and off!

Detached sleeves are the biggest wedding dress design trends this fall- from lacy to bouffant, these wedding dresses give the look of an off shoulder wedding dress all the while being a strapless wedding dress.

9. Mid-lengths

A wedding dress is traditionally made to be extremely long and overflowing. Now, the latest wedding dress designs feel like they were pulled straight out of the 1950 screen goddess’ wardrobe! Wedding dress designers are feeling modest this fall with their mid-calf length wedding dress.
This adorable design feels reinvented and yet whimsically vintage for any bride to be looking for a classic yet fashionable look.

10. Belted Wedding Dress

The belted wedding dress is back and better than ever. New wedding dress designs feature gowns with beaded belts, cinched waists or tied ribbons which can make your ordinary gown, extraordinary. Whether you want big and bold or something simplistic, you will find belted wedding dresses that fill wedding boutiques in Cape Town.

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