Living the Beach Life: The Latest in Beach and Swimwear Fashion

February 18, 2020

You know that beach vacations are in high demand by the majority of Americans, but you may not have known that there’s a scientific reason that this is the case.

According to experts, a relaxing trip to the beach promotes muscle relaxation because there are little sensory stimuli. Not only that, but the sounds you hear and sights you see, such as waves crashing against the shore are slow and repetitive, boosting both mental and physical healing for travelers.

If you want to reap the benefits of a beach vacation and relax by the shoreline, you’re going to need to know the best current swimwear fashion first. After all, choosing clothing is fun and looking great is essential for any trip. Read on to learn the best trending swimsuits for women in 2020!

Perky and Yellow

Yellow is one of the most popular colors in women’s swimwear for a few reasons. It looks amazing and complements pretty much every complexion, which is a definite plus. It’s also perfect for turning heads since it’s one of the brightest and most easily noticeable colors to the human eye.

In color psychology, yellow represents energy and warmth. These are two things that will absolutely be a huge part of your beach trip!

You can incorporate yellow into a huge number of swimsuit designs. While it’s awesome as a solid string bikini color, it’s also a great background hue for polka dots or other patterns. You can incorporate multiple shades of yellow into one style, too, if you want to show off your taste in matching.

Polka Dots And Checkerboards

Everything retro is en vogue in 2020, and swimsuits are no different. Polka-dot styles from the 80s are making a comeback and being modernized to create swimwear that will look perfect on you.

Checkerboard print was also hugely popular in past decades, and it’s blowing up again in 2020 again, too. You can get black and white checkerboards if you want a great monochrome swimsuit that matches everything, but there are also options in yellow, red, and blue if you’re into that.

Even if you aren’t into retro styles, the modernization of this swimwear will make you look like a thoroughly stylish twenty-first-century woman. For some fun, try getting a patterned one-piece with the back or sides cut out. This adds a whole new dimension to the pattern, especially if the holes are in the same shape as the checks or dots!

Show Your Animal Side

If you walk into any store, you’ll notice that animal print is a wild trend this season… no pun intended. Leopard print is one of the most popular styles that can make your roar this season. It’s colorful and eye-catching, making it the perfect print.

Tiger stripes are also making a huge comeback, which is great because it looks awesome on pretty much every woman (and, if you’re into vintage nerd culture, it’s reminiscent of the style of one of the coolest fictional characters out there).

If you like tiger stripes but are into the monochrome aesthetic, zebra print is basically the same pattern but in black and white. This can be spiced up with a variety of beach accessories. Try a large necklace in a single color- for example, blue- and wear a blue hat and lay one a blue beach towel at the same time. Matching is fun and stylish!

The One-Shoulder One Piece

Asymmetry is one of the greatest trends across the board in 2020. Just look at the most popular jewelry aesthetics and hairstyles out there this year. Swimwear is no exception to this rule, so you’re going to want to look into one of the coolest styles on the market today: the one-shoulder one-piece swimsuit.

Basically, these one-piece swimsuits only have a strap on one shoulder. While still firmly held in place, you’ll get that lopsided aesthetic that you crave as a modern woman. You can also spice things up by incorporating a small brooch or pin onto the single strap or by wearing a scarf on the uncovered shoulder.

Just make sure you don’t go in the water wearing something that can be destroyed!

When You’re Not Swimming

Staying at an amazing resort hotel like the Rosen Inn International is awesome, but you’ll need clothes that aren’t swimwear when exploring the rest of the resort. Luckily, you can pack light by wearing clothes that are perfect for both heading into shops and laying on the beach.

A tank top or little dress with any of the patterns or styles we’ve discussed above is an awesome way to look amazing and still be beach-ready. If you choose to wear a tank, denim short-shorts and flip-flops are also a must-have. Spice these up with some accessories and get ready to lay in the sand!

Beachy Accessories

After the last section, you may be wondering what accessories exactly you should use to make your summer clothes or swimwear look amazing. Accessories are important because they can serve to draw your entire aesthetic together, creating a matchy look.

Charm bracelets and chokers are really in style right now, but there are other, more unexpected ways to get creative as well. Ankle bracelets- known as ‘anklets’ colloquially- are an accessory that can encode many different meanings. We prefer to simply use them as a beach accessory, though, and show off our love for all things ocean-related.

Get a blue, green, or teal band and strap on a charm of your favorite sea animal. Whether you want to show off your love for turtles, dolphins, or starfish, you won’t regret doing so in the form of an anklet.

More On Swimwear Fashion

While there are a lot of ways to express yourself on the beach this summer, you can’t go wrong following the hottest bikini and swimsuit trends of the year.

Now that you know the latest trends in swimwear fashion, it’s time to get some more ideas for fun activities that you can do this summer. Click the ‘outdoor’ tab on our homepage for more ideas of what you can do on your vacation between relaxing beach days.
Have a great season!

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