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Lowell Farms to Launch New Type of California Dispensary

September 22, 2019

Lowell Farms is a California agricultural firm that has grown and sold cannabis since it was legalized in California. It grows high quality, natural cannabis that is organic and grown without the use of pesticides. The farm is located in Central California and produces marijuana, flowers, and cold-pressed cannabis oil (CBD).

Their products are available on the Lowell Farms website. They grow multiple strains of marijuana that are sold in singles and packs of 14. Among their brands are The Soothing Hybrid, The Party Sativa, Hell’s Fire, the Dreamer Indica, and Jack Skellington. They also sell accessories and gear including t-shirts, ashtrays, grinders, cases, stickers, and rolling kits.

When people think of a California dispensary they usually think of a place that is run-down, dirty, and pretty shady. Lowell Farms is opening an new type of California dispensary that is upscale and high-quality. On September 24, their Lowel Farms: A Cannabis Cafe is opening for business in West Hollywood. This will be America’s first cannabis restaurant.

The cafe will offer a farm-to-table experience for both its cannabis and dishes, sourcing ingredients from local farmers. It is located on a rooftop space and features lush hanging plants in both its indoor and outdoor spaces. The original idea was to let people add CBD or THC to their food and beverages. However, health code regulations dictate that people will only be able to smoke the weed.

Lowell Farms was able to land the celebrated chef Andrea Drummer as their executive chef at this California dispensary. Among the dishes she has created for this cafe are a crispy brussels sprout with white turnips, house-made pickles, grilled peaches with burrata, and toasted walnuts with a balsamic glaze. For those that crave sweet food after smoking pot, the desserts include a milk-and-cereal ice cream sandwich and a matcha-and-black-sesame cake.

Andrea Drummer has also whipped up some mocktails for this California dispensary. One of these is the Fountain of Youth. This is a mixture of pop, rosemary syrup, rose water, and lime juice. Each drink is topped with cinnamon-bitters and hibiscus coated rose petal. There is also the Momilani. This is a lychee spritz that is topped with an orchid.

The cafe will be open all day until 2:00 am. Marijuana products have their last call at 9:50 pm except for guests who have pre-ordered. Guests just have to buy their marijuana before 9:50 pm as they can enjoy it until the cafe closes. They only allow people age 21 or over inside. Customers need to have either a driver’s license or passport to show their age. They also need to bring cash as that is the only way the weed can be purchased. Food and drinks can be bought with a debit or credit card.

For people who want an exclusive experience, Lowell Farms has hired Flower Hosts to offer premium services. They can help customers decide on what strain of weed to enjoy and what dishes and drinks to consume. The Flower Hosts are well-versed in what effect each available marijuana strain has on people and what their origins are. They are also experts when it comes to rolling a joint. As time goes on, the cafe will offer other high-end experiences including customized bongs to dabs.

There will be nightly events at this California dispensary. For Sunday Brunch, they will have a string quartet playing. There will be other types of live musical performances and comedy nights. Lowell Farms is also planning to have fireside chats and educational opportunities about the marijuana industry and many other subjects.

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