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Maid vs. Housekeeper: Which Service Is Right for Your Home?

June 8, 2020

Could you use some help around the house?

Most people need a little help sometimes, and it shows. Approximately 2 million maids and housekeepers are employed by private households in the US. These domestic workers are not uncommon among middle-class and higher-income households.

If you’re wondering what kind of help to hire around the home, here’s some insight into the differences between a maid VS housekeeper. Read on to learn which one would suit your home best.

The Differences Between a Maid VS Housekeeper

The key differences between a maid and a housekeeper are in terms of semantics. For centuries, lowly female house servants were referred to as maids, whereas a housekeeper is a more general and more modern term.
that said, many cleaning agencies and independent house cleaners still refer to themselves as maid services and maids. Housekeepers hire themselves out as one-person home management services, which often encompass a greater role around the home than that of a maid.

Maids typically take care of all of the cleaning and perhaps some of the cooking at their place of employment. If these domestic workers are employed by hotels or inns rather than private households, their sole job is to tidy up.

Housekeepers, on the other hand, tend to wear many hats on the job. A housekeeper may be a cook, a mother’s helper, a home manager, and a house cleaner all in one.

When You Need a Maid

If you’re looking for domestic help that you’re willing to manage, you might be looking for a maid. In this case, your household is probably not very large, and you want professional in-home help for specific tasks such as a weekly cleaning.

When you search for a made, some useful questions to ask yourself may be whether you want live-in help or an as-needed service. If you’re hiring help for specific task, search for maid services that advertise experience with those tasks. For instance, you don’t want to hire a light housekeeping maid for a monthly deep cleaning position.

When You Need a Housekeeper

Are you too busy or overwhelmed with taking care of your home in general?

If so, perhaps you need a housekeeper. A Housekeeper is most appropriate for a home with a larger household or greater responsibilities.

For instance, perhaps you need help with cleaning on a daily basis, and you also need a cook to make three square meals. You can also request that your housekeeper help with taking care of children, as long as the childcare isn’t a full-time duty.

If you feel comfortable entrusting a person or a team to manage your household, from restocking your pantry to changing bedsheets and creating meals, a housekeeper is right for you. In this case, you can be a hands-off employer, whereas with a maid, you might manage more of their daily tasks.

Which Kind of Help Will You Choose?

Are you ready to hire professional in-home help? Now that you’re more familiar with the differences between a maid VS housekeeper, you can make a more informed hiring decision.

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