Making Face Masks Look Cool & Work Better

August 26, 2020

The hottest accessory this year, both figuratively and literally, is the face mask. If you’re active on Facebook and Instagram, you’ll no doubt have seen that any and every brand out there is now selling designer masks. And if you’re an active person out and about, there’s also no doubt you’ll have misplaced at least a handful of facemasks at this point and kicked yourself at the realisation you’ve driven to the shop and forgot to lift one.

Nobody wants to be a Karen when they go out shopping, so don’t think you can ditch a face mask and go fresh-faced. Act responsibly and get yourself kitted out with mask options that look cool, and most importantly, don’t necessarily need to be a face mask.

Here’s how you can make face masks look cool, and what you can do when you have a mask that just won’t sit right.

Pick your favourite movies & TV

Etsy is a hive of activity right now for custom made face masks, especially when it comes to those with designs from movies and TV. I’ve seen everything from Darth Vader to Marvel superheroes.

It also seems as though the trend for kids wearing wrestling t-shirts has shifted to masks. I’ve recently been asked if I wouldn’t mind buying John Cena “YOU CAN’T SEE ME” face mask, which I’ll admit is pretty funny. The WWE online store has adjustable wrestler masks on sale, and even the Ric Flair (WOOOOOO) and Macho Man Randy Savage masks are bringing me back to Saturday mornings in front of the TV shouting for bodyslams.

It just goes to show there’s a nostalgic mask out there for everyone.

Get an unrestrictive mask

Unless you’re like me, and have to live through the awkwardness of your mask making your glasses steam up (by the way, if anyone has any remedies to stop this, please get in touch), the only real problem you would have from wearing a mask is that the little elastic bits can nip or pull around the ear. Again, this shouldn’t be an excuse to be put off wearing a mask, and the alternatives for this I’ve found to look much cooler than normal masks.

You’ll want to look around for multi-use sleeves and snoods. These are close fit hoods which you wear around your neck like a scarf and pull up and down when you need them. They’re much easier to use and feel like second nature after a while if you get a few in rotation. If you’re after a good deal on one, and like funky designs, I recommend visiting the Bawbags website as they have everything from leopard print and snakeskin to tie-dye and tropical sleeves in stock.

Hack your mask to how you like it

Many masks are made to have a one size fits all approach, so even when you get a custom mask ordered, you might find that it is too loose or doesn’t sit quite as you’d hoped. Some tips I’ve picked up from friends include:

  • Crisscross the loops – Honestly, it is the easiest way to getting the mask to sit right as you’re pulling it back better, almost like a weird facelift
  • Grab a paperclip – When mask straps are too big, or you’re trying to get kids to wear them, and they keep falling down, loop the ends together with a paperclip to keep it tight. If you’re handy with some thread, sewing a button on one strap is also very handy
  • Bag it up – have a paper bag you keep masks in, rather than tossing on the counter when you get in. Isolating the mask helps prevent microbes from sticking to the mask
  • Ironing your mask – If you’re using a reusable mask and are washing it frequently, trapped moisture in the folds can give it that musty smell you get from clothes taking too long to dry. When you dry your mask, and it’s mostly dry to touch, iron it on the lowest setting to help draw the remaining water out
  • Dish soap on glasses – This didn’t work too well for me (I wear very big lenses) but some people vouch that popping just one drop of washing up liquid on each side of your lenses and rubbing it in will provide a protective style layer that condensation won’t want to stick to

Are you looking for more stylish advice?

I hope these tips help you find a funky looking mask you’ll be happy to wear. And remember you can stay stylish all year round by checking out the latest fashion posts from the blog here.

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