Matching Outfits For You and Your Dog to Twin in

May 14, 2021

Looking for a way to get even closer to your fur baby? Matching outfits is definitely your answer! Getting all dressed up in matching gear is such an adorable and Stylish Hound of wearing your heart on your sleeve and showing the world just how much you love that dog of yours. There are tonnes of opportunities to twin with your fur ball, here are just a few fashion forward outfit ideas to spark your styling inspiration and match with your dog…


Is there anything better than snuggling up with your dog after a long day out and about? Matching PJs add an extra special touch to your family down time. Have countless sweet dreams together with comfortable cotton puppy print PJs with your dog twinning by your side in their bed (or on yours, let’s be honest). These are going to be the best treat for everyone, making nap time even sweeter.


What makes swimming with your dog even more fun? Some cute matching swimwear of course! Choose matching swimmers and swim jackets to make your time out on the water all the more magical, all summer long!

Relaxing at home

You can also find some amazing matching clothes for lounging about the house in serious style. Look for cosy cotton styles for off duty wear that still lets your skin breath. Go for a head to toe look with a matching blanket to finish for a fashionable day at home on the couch, working from your desk or cooking up a culinary storm.

What to look for when you’re shopping

You’re going to have to have a think about a few factors before you jump in and purchase your matching human and dog outfits! Here’s what you need to think about before you go ahead and click add to cart…


You’re probably pretty comfortable with your own measurements, but if you’re not take a look in your wardrobe or grab your measuring tape to note down your size. You will need to get a little more familiar with your dog dimensions to make sure that their new clothes fit them like a glove. Measure their width, chest and length and have these numbers handy to cross reference against the size guide.


Look for skin-friendly, kind and conscious materials to pick up matching outfits that are good to you, your dog and the earth. high quality, silky soft, breathable materials keep you comfy and ready for anything, whether you’re at the beach, the park or kicking back at home, you’re going to love rocking your new threads.


Of course, one of the major things you need to watch out for is style. There are so many choices out there when it comes to finding the right matching ensemble for you and your pup. The real key here is to find styles and colours that reflect your fur family’s personality. You can nab something that has your dog’s charming breed printed on it, choose patterns that speak to your favourite hobbies together or colours that you and your hound love to get all dressed up in. Shop according to you and your dog’s personalities and you can’t go wrong.

Are you ready to get all twinned up with your favourite furry friend? Start shopping for trendy matching outfits to take your partnership up a notch! While you’re at it, why not score co-ording outfits for the entire fur family? Just think of the photo opportunities! You can match with your dog all year round! Start hunting for your favourite styles and outfits now.

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