Melbourne’s Student Accommodation: Understanding the Financial Aspects for International Students

July 11, 2023

Melbourne is the capital city of Victoria, located on the southeastern coast of Australia. It boasts several globally renowned institutions, such as the National Gallery of Victoria and the Melbourne Museum. With a population exceeding 5 million, Melbourne has consistently earned recognition as one of the most livable cities worldwide. It provides a vibrant and cosmopolitan environment that attracts students from around the globe, offering them a truly enriching experience. Home to many international students, Melbourne offers a diverse range of student accommodation options to suit various budgets and preferences. This listicle will delve into the financial aspects of student accommodation in Melbourne, providing international students with valuable insights to make informed decisions about their living arrangements while studying in this exciting city.

Affordable Options for Every Budget:

On-Campus Accommodation:

Melbourne’s universities offer on-campus accommodation options, which can be a convenient and affordable choice for international students. These facilities provide easy access to campus resources, like libraries and study areas. On-campus accommodation often includes meal plans, laundry services, and access to recreational facilities. Although the price may differ based on the university, it is typically a more affordable alternative when compared to other choices.

Off-Campus Shared Housing:

Renting a room in a shared house or apartment is a popular choice among international students in Melbourne. This option allows students to share the rent and utilities with fellow housemates, reducing the financial burden. Websites and platforms specifically catering to student accommodation, such as classifieds and rental listings, help find suitable shared housing options at affordable prices.

Purpose-Built Student Accommodation (PBSA):

Purpose-built student accommodation has gained popularity in Melbourne due to its convenience and amenities tailored for students. These accommodations offer fully furnished rooms with shared common areas, study spaces, and recreational facilities. While PBSA may be slightly more expensive than other options, it provides a hassle-free living experience, often including utilities and high-speed internet in the rental fee.

Cost Considerations:

Rental Prices:

Accommodation rental prices and cost of living for students in Melbourne vary depending on factors such as size, location, and facilities. Areas closer to universities or the city centre tend to have higher rents. International students must research and compare prices to find the best value for their budget.

Utilities and Additional Expenses:

Apart from rent, international students must consider additional expenses such as utilities (water, electricity, and internet) and groceries. Sharing these costs with housemates in a shared housing arrangement can help reduce individual expenses. Budgeting for transportation, textbooks, and other personal expenses is also important when calculating the overall cost of living.

Contract Length and Flexibility:

International students should also consider the contract length and flexibility when considering accommodation in Melbourne. Some accommodations may require a minimum lease period, which could be a year or even longer. Students need to assess their study plans and determine if they require accommodation for the entire course duration or if they might need flexibility in case of changes in their circumstances.

Maintenance and Repair Costs:

Another factor to consider is the responsibility for maintenance and repair costs. Students may need to contribute towards the property’s repairs or maintenance costs in certain accommodation types, such as shared housing. It is essential to clarify these details with the landlord or accommodation provider beforehand to avoid any unexpected financial burdens.


Melbourne offers many student accommodation options for international students’ diverse needs and budgets. Whether on-campus housing, shared apartments, or purpose-built student accommodation, choices are available to cater to various preferences. With proper planning and research, international students can find comfortable and affordable living arrangements while pursuing their educational journey in this thriving city.

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