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Mental Health During the Holidays

September 2, 2020

The holiday season can be stressful because most holidays involve large gatherings of people. For some people, such gatherings can cause anxiety attacks. Some people experience the opposite problem where they get lonely during the holidays mostly because they don’t have people to spend time with or because they live far from their families.

Everyone should play a role in promoting positive mental health at all times especially during the holidays. If you have a loved one who is living far away from the rest of the family or one who is going through a hard time during the holidays, you can send them holiday photo card templates to let them know that you are thinking about them. You can also invite someone lonely to spend the holidays with you.

Ways in Which You Can Take Care of Your Mental Health During the Holidays

Stay healthy

One way to take care of your mental health is to be in good general health. This is because body sickness also affects your mental health.

You can maintain your health by eating a well-balanced diet and drinking plenty of water. Stay active by doing regular exercise. The holidays can be busy sometimes with a lot of excitement and late-night gatherings.


It is important to ensure that you get enough sleep despite how busy you get. Have a sleeping schedule with specific sleeping and waking times and ensure that you always adhere to it. Failure to get enough sleep can make you irritable, clumsy, and also increase your stress, anxiety, and depression. Getting enough sleep also strengthens your immunity systems and enables you to fight infections.

Set Boundaries

Setting healthy boundaries is another way to promote mental health during the holidays. Setting boundaries involves turning down invitations if you are uncomfortable or if the invitations interfere with your schedule. Sometimes you may get too much pressure from your family during the holidays but you can always refuse to be part of conversations that make you uncomfortable.

Have Limits

Taking care of your mental health also involves recognizing your limits and honoring them. Know your financial limits and avoid doing anything that is beyond your budget. Financial issues are a major cause of stress during the holidays and it is important to avoid them by saving and sticking to your budget. You should also respect your boundaries during the holidays and avoid overindulging in eating or drinking.

Take a Holiday Leave

Taking a break from your work during the holidays is good for your mental health. Take holiday leaves and let your boss and colleagues know that you will be unavailable during the holidays. When participating in the holiday festivities, only do work that you can handle without stressing your body and mind. Do everything in moderation and do not shy away from asking for help when you are unable to do something.

Show Gratitude

Be grateful for every positive thing in your life. Most of the time we spend time complaining about our flaws and things that we did wrong.

Reflecting on the positive things that happen to you each day is an effective way of taking care of your mental health. You should also connect with other people when you feel lonely. Consider talking to a therapist or joining a support group when you’re overwhelmed.


The holidays can be overwhelming sometimes and it is important to ensure that you are taking care of your mental health at such a time. You can stay mentally fit by eating right, getting enough sleep and rest, and by showing gratitude during the holiday season.

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