Munich: A Destination for Food and Beer

October 17, 2018

Munich is the quintessential German city. And one of the most representative aspects regarding Munich is the fact that locals take pleasure in eating. Essentially, human interaction operates much more smoothly when good food accompanied by drinks comes in. With that in mind, before you consider booking your Munich airport transfers for your upcoming trip, you should find out about this city’s interest in beer and food.

German Traditional Meals

Typically, traditional German meals comprise of different combinations of potatoes, dumplings, and a wide range of Wurst (traditional German sausages), bread, roasted meats flavored with bacon, pastries and pretzels. More specifically, the Bavarian sausage was always part of the local’s national diet – ever since people and livestock would live in that area.

As a result, Bavarians are inclined to convey the Wurst with an ounce of superstition, as there are several sayings that are as old as time – for example: never let the sunshine of noon shone on a Weisswurst. Essentially, white sausages are a significant part of the food scene in Bavaria. The tradition is to eat the white sausage at breakfast – which is why you shouldn’t order it after noon.

It should come as no surprise that the white sausage comes accompanied by a pretzel, beer and sweet sticky mustard. The sausage is cooked in hot water and you ought to serve it after removing the skin.

The Pretzel – Another Symbol of Bavarian Traditional Cuisine

Moving on, while Bavaria is almost synonymous with the white sausage, the pretzel shouldn’t be left out of the equation, as it is just as representative. Bavaria overflows with bakeries which provide a wide assortment of pastries, sandwiches, rolls, for a couple of euros. At the same time, each self-respected bakery in Munich usually has the famous pretzel – sometimes even several types of pretzels.

It’s worth noting that Bavaria is the place in which the pretzel was born – even if we tend to associate it with Germany. Usually, the pretzel is eaten in combination with Obazda – which is a cheese mixture made from several cheese assortments and spices. It is actually the use of paprika that gives the concoction its yellow/orange coloring.

The Beer – An Irreplaceable Part of Munich Life

Moving on to beer, Munich facilitates an extensive variety of beers. In fact, the varieties might range depending on the season. Bavarians actually take pride in their beer culture; breweries combine hops, barely, yeast and water, and they don’t add preservatives to the beer (generally speaking, at the very least). At the same time, there had been legal requirements concerning the way in which the beer should be made ever since 1516. This was long before any standards were set anywhere else in Europe. So you can see that beer is a long-time tradition which is why Bavaria is the place to relish different assortments.

To conclude, next time you’re in Bavaria, after reaching the airport and browsing for airport taxis Munich, make sure you enjoy what this city has to offer in terms of gastronomy. You won’t be sorry.

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