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Must-Know Rules about Cannabis Dispensaries in Fort Collins

August 7, 2020

Fort Collins, a municipality in the state of Colorado, is the county seat of Larimer County. It is geographically located on the Cache La Poudre River and situated along the Colorado Front Range. The total area of Fort Collins is 58.45 square miles and considered the fourth most populated city in Colorado.

The economy of Fort Collins includes industries such as educational services, social assistance, retail trade, and healthcare. One of the booming industries in Fort Collins is the cannabis trade, which was a result of the legalization of marijuana use in Colorado. If you have plans to go to a Fort Collins dispensary, there are some essential things you need to know.

What is a Cannabis Dispensary?

In November 2012, the Colorado amendment 64 was passed by voters. This led to the legalization of marijuana use in the state of Colorado, which includes the municipality of Fort Collins.

The Colorado Amendment 64 provided licensing and regulation of marijuana cultivation facilities, manufacturing facilities, testing centers, and retail stores in Fort Collins. A cannabis dispensary is a retail store that specializes in selling marijuana. Products sold in a cannabis dispensary includes edibles, concentrates, topical oils, pills, drinks, and vaporizers.

Be Clear with Your Purpose for Buying Marijuana

There are two main reasons why people buy marijuana, and it is either for medical or recreational use. According to Doc MJ, medical marijuana is used to alleviate symptoms caused by health conditions or diseases. On the other hand, recreational marijuana is used to provide users with a so-called “high.”

It is important that you are clear with your purpose about buying marijuana from a Fort Collins dispensary. In this way, the personnel at the dispensary can suggest what cannabis strain or product you should buy and consume.

Things You Need Before Going to a Dispensary

Both recreational and medical use of marijuana is legal in Fort Collins, but that does not mean you can go inside a dispensary and buy whatever you want, without having the requirements. For instance, if you are using marijuana for recreational purposes, you need to present a valid identification that indicates that you are above 21 years old.

If you are buying marijuana for medical use, you need to present your documents that indicate your ailment and needs. A Fort Collins dispensary may require you to have a doctor’s recommendation and health certification for marijuana use.

Limitation on Recreational Sales

The Marijuana Enforcement Division (MED) in Fort Collins has issued a marijuana equivalency guideline, which imposes a limitation on the amount of cannabis you can buy for recreational use. For retail sales, you can only buy 8 g of marijuana concentrate or 800 mg of marijuana edibles. This follows the limitation of 1 oz flower for recreational sales.


Fort Collins is located in a geographical sweet spot that is home to some of the most amazing places in the Country. These places include Horsetooth Reservoir, Greyrock, Arthur’s Rock, and Cache la Poudre River, where you can just lay back and relax.

However, marijuana may not be consumed openly or publicly in Fort Collins. This means that after buying from a dispensary, you can’t smoke marijuana in transportation facilities, amusement venues, playgrounds, and mountain parks. You can only smoke within your residences and need to make sure that you will be discreet.

Buying marijuana from a cannabis dispensary should not be intimidating. Hopefully, this article has helped you learn about the essential things you need to know before visiting a dispensary in Fort Collins.

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