New Thermostat Technology

November 8, 2019

Did you know that your old-fashioned, mechanical thermostat inflates your heating bills by a whopping three percent per degree? A lot of homes still use these outdated devices that are inefficient and difficult to program. However, many people are becoming enlightened about the need for smart thermostats. They’re cheap in the long run, more efficient, and cost-effective. In fact, statistics show that an estimated 70 percent of property owners will have smart thermostats within the next 5 years.

Smart thermostats have intuitive programming, allowing them to adjust the temperatures in your home as needed. After the preferred temperatures are achieved, they turn off automatically and turn back on only when the temperature rises. Additionally, they have sophisticated monitoring systems that are designed to master your typical routines. They adjust the temperature to cool your house only when you are at home. Better still, smart thermostats allow you to monitor your power consumption in real time.

It’s the modern era and the sleek and stylish design of smart thermostats make them perfect for the contemporary home. These devices are WiFi-connected, allowing you to control your system remotely. They are easy to operate and you have the option of using touch screen navigation or a completely hands-off approach with voice control. This gives you more control over your home temperature to ensure enhanced comfort, reduced power bills, and less stress. If you’re looking for a way to save on your electric bills and monitor your kids’ safety, you should invest in smart thermostats.

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