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Office Decor: 5 Beautiful Tips for Decorating Your Office

June 19, 2020

Besides your home, your office is probably the place you spend the most time. Here are five beautiful tips to having the best office decor.

Is it time for your home office to get a major update?

Sometimes we need a change of pace, and redecorating can be the perfect way to do that. Getting the right office decor can make a huge difference in your home working experience!

Do you need a few tips and tricks for getting the right office decor in your space?

If so, you’re in the right place. Keep reading for five ideas for decorating your office that you may not have thought of before!

1. Bring in Some Greenery

Bringing the garden indoors is all the rage right now. If your office needs a bit of freshening up, why not bring the garden inside?

You might be hesitant to bring something that requires a bit of nannying into your workspace, but there are plants that are happy to thrive on their own with only minimal interference from you.

Consider a few succulents, a dainty spider plant, or even something functional, like aloe or a collection of herbs.

2. Invest in a New Chair

This one is mostly functional. When you bought your office chair, did you do it with you in mind? Or did you just pick something standard, maybe secondhand, that looked comfortable enough?

When you’re refreshing your home office, consider swapping out your office chair for something that speaks to you either in aesthetic or functionality. Different chairs offer different kinds of support that suit different workstyles.

3. Make an Organization Station

An “organization station” is a great way to use up a designated area in your office (wall and all) for a specific purpose. No more running around trying to find things.

Do you have a filing cabinet? It goes in the organization station. Do you have boxes of pens, pencils, and other notebook necessities? They will find a home in the organization station.

If you’re the type of person who uses a vision board or a bulletin board, or even a daily calendar, these are also great things for this area.
Making a habit of getting up and physically returning everything to your station will help you build organization skills. It also looks so tidy!

4. Get Motivated

For this, you can buy pre-made or get crafty.

Do you have a favorite motivational quote or phrase?

Having a poster or sign with this that you can look to when work gets tough might be a great way to keep you on the ball.

It’s even better if you have a changeable sign so you can swap out the quotes as you please when the current one is no longer serving you.

5. Shelves for Form and Function

Are the shelves in your office aesthetically pleasing, or just a home for books and papers?

If you, like many, have a tall bookcase or shelf in your space, consider a swap for one with a slightly different shape (cube shelves are great for this).

While books will fill most of the cubes (and may be easier to organize this way), other cubes spaced evenly can be filled with office decor, photos, and some of those plants we mentioned earlier.

This is a great way to incorporate decorations into a small space.

Does Your Office Decor Need an Update?

If your home workspace is starting to feel stale, it might be time to switch up your office decor! Try these office decorating tips to get started!
Even small and affordable swaps can change the whole feel of such a small space. You might end up feeling refreshed and ready to work before you know it.

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