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One of the Best Party Destinations to Visit- “Krak-oh” ?

August 28, 2020

Krakow ( or as some say “Krak-oh !) as a party destination has gained immense popularity in recent years due to its modern services and with the nearby Balice Airport becoming a central European hub for the low cost airlines. The very appealing city of Krakow is quite compact and easy to get around the city with cheap public transport or just by walking. The two main areas of interest are the Old Town with the largest square in Europe called Rynek and the Jewish Quarter known as Kazimierz. These two local hotspots are full of pubs, clubs, restaurants and places of cultural and entertainment wonders.

In the Old Town there are organised Pub Crawls which you can join or book online through dedicated Krakow stag do organisers (for example: ) . All the crawls have experienced fun loving Guides to show you the most unusual pubs that Krakow has to offer and invariably end with a visit to a dance club. It’s best to have a guided pub crawl especially on your first night here and a great way to get to know the city. There is also a trend of what is called Ruin Bars, they promote a more lived in feeling with rickety, non-matching furnishings, incomplete renovations, the run down or dilapidated effect and often candle lit snugs with sofas. Krakow boasts a wide choice of this type of venue with atmospheric and sometimes bizarre environment. One area just off the main square is Dolnych Mlynow which is an ex-tobacco factory full of such places and not only. In the Kazimierz zone which has some of Krakow’s finest pubs and clubs is popular with the Krakow students and always a hive of activity with venues remaining open until the early hours of the morning.

The Vistula River flowing through Krakow offers not only daytime river cruises to nearby sights but also a plethora of evening and late night activities too. Many river boats are permanently moored floating pubs and clubs offering full on dance parties and others can be hired privately just for your group to be entertained with a strip show or vodka fest or both. Back on dry land now you can find and discover the many added activities available in various venues like the Crazy Golf Pub or Axe Throwing, Escape Rooms and 10 Pin Bowling to start the evening off. As Krakow has a reputation for local family style breweries an organised Beer Tasting event with snacks and choice beer plus a tour of the brewery in some cases. The other obvious option is to take a Vodka Tasting Session, this too has platters of vodka drinking snacks to keep you on an even keel. Furthermore, as part of your vodka training then a visit to BaniaLuka is a must to upgrade your tolerance, cheap beer and vodka coupled with the necessary oily survival snacks. BaniaLuka is always full with the Krakow dwellers no matter which nation they originate from. The most local pub for live bands has to be Awaria Live Music Pub, this very atmospheric cellar bar is where all of Krakow’s local bands want to play. The reputation for crazy nights and crazy bar girls is well known plus it vants a hidden Beer Garden which is accessed via the stage, so don’t get trapped in it when the bands start to play though.

The nightlife in Krakow can take you in what seems a blink of an eye from dusk till dawn with the majority of clubs and pubs staying open as there are no official closing times you just keep on partying in the hundreds of venues crammed into the hotspots, each with their own unique atmosphere. You can find all genres of music, open air beer gardens, chillout bars and late night eateries. Talking of food you have to indulge in the excellent Street Food Trucks, some of them are very well-known in the local community for their delicacies on offer. The most popular one is in Kazimierz in Judas Square, on weekends they congregate there and offer massive 100% beefburgers to pulled pork medallions, tacos, kebabs, zapiekanka a Polish treat, vegetarian and vegan menus too.

To continue the party in the daytime there are lots of activities to enjoy, the most requested are Krakow’s Olympic White Water Rafting circuit, it is extremely popular with Krakow stag do groups. As always there are specialised companies providing this service for an exhilarating day out. Sticking with high adrenaline pumping day time activities this next one will surely rank with the best, that is the Kalashnikov Shooting Range if you have never shot a gun before or would like to then make time for this super event. The sheer force and power of firing one of the most well-known automatic machine guns in the world is a feeling you will never forget, you get to use up to 5 different weapons plus a couple of add on extra specials. If your group is of a sporting nature then Bubble Footie or 5-a-side footie is an option, taking in a game of Krakow’s pro teams Cracovia or Wisla Krakow and if you’re a rugby fan then watch Juvenia Krakow rfc from Poland’s Ekstraliga.

One of the most satisfying and pleasing aspects of Krakow is sitting on Rynek Square and watching the activity going around you after a hard night’s session with maybe a spot of lunch to get you ready for your next full blown high octane evening of partying. So, to start the next round of fun why don’t you take advantage of the Krakow Party Bus or Party Limousines which will take you on a city cruise and include strip artists if requested to then drop you off at a dance club or the casino for a little flutter.
Krakow is not only a cultural mecca but also a hip and trendy city with superb fun activities for your friends to enjoy while here non-stop and 24/7.

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