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Paint Your Home in Style: The Best Exterior House Colors in 2020

May 27, 2020

Make a great impression in the neighborhood by choosing the best paint for your home. Here are the best exterior house colors this year.

Are you tired of coming home to the same old dilapidated house? Does the paint on the siding look chipped and disheveled? Do you want to inject new life into those same exterior walls?

If so, then it’s time for you to consider slapping a fresh coat of paint on your home. The right paint color palette applied to your exterior walls could greatly improve your curb appeal and overall property value. Choose of the best exterior house colors to get the job done.

Ivory and White

Light, minimalist color palettes will never truly go out of style. A nice ivory and white combination can really make your home look clean and minimal, a look that many folks seek these days.

Gray and White

A gray and white color palette is one of the classic exterior paint colors, especially in recent years. Using gray as a base color has become a very modern look. If you live in a house that has modern architecture, with large floor-to-ceiling windows, a flatter roof, and other modern features, then a gray and white might be the perfect exterior color scheme for you to try.

Deep-Sea Blue

If you want unique house paint color ideas, then look no further than a deep-sea blue. This color has the potential to make your house look really unique and stand out from the sea of normal houses in your subdivision. However, it manages to do so without making your property look garish or outlandish.

White with Black Accents

Another fairly modern color palette to try is white with simple black accents. Done in particular designs, this color scheme can result in a very modern aesthetic.

Yellow with White Trim

Yellow with white trim is a classic. This is a great fit for homes made in a slightly older style. The color can really emphasize some design features from the twentieth century that are still relevant today.

White and Light Green

If you have a lot of yard space and love to emphasize your love of nature, then a white with light green accents color scheme might just do the trick at your place. To maximize curb appeal, place the green accents on windows, roof trim, and the door.

Pale Pink

Do you prefer a more unique aesthetic? If so, consider painting your house a pale pink. This color can look extremely pretty in a warm, summery climate.

Which of the Best Exterior House Colors is Right for You?

If you want to give your house a new lease on life, then a fresh coat of paint is exactly what it needs. It’s a wonder what just some new colors can do to vastly improve curb appeal while also increasing overall property value.

With this guide to the best exterior house colors under your belt, there’s no excuse for you to not pick one of these color schemes to rejuvenate the outward look of your home!

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