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Punk & Sexy Glamorous Looking Pirate Halloween Makeup Ideas

August 9, 2016

So who’s dressing up as a pirate Halloween makeup? For those of you who have planned to dress up as a pirate here are some ideas for you to slay at friend’s party tonight. If you are a guy then keep on scrolling. There are some tips for you as well because you need to impress girls at a party, or you want to have a night full of adventure.

Turn Your Little One Into A Pirate: Tutorial By HGTV

Kids Pirate Halloween Makeup Ideas

Halloween Pirate Makeup For Kids By Moran Elbaz

halloween pirate makeup for kids

You can add more things to this basic look. It does not have to be a simple pirate. You can turn this pirate Halloween Makeup look into a punk pirate or sexy glamorous looking pirate. It all depends on you. It would still look amazing in whatever way you turn it in. So to get this pirate Halloween makeup look you need following products.

  • Foundation
  • Eyebrow pencil
  • Eye shade palette
  • Eye liner
  • Mascara
  • Blush on palette
  • Lipstick (red)

The steps you need to follow:

  1. Start with a clean face. Moisturize your face and apply primer. Then pick foundation with is according to your skin tone. Apply it all over your face. Set it with some translucent powder. (You can leave the setting makeup step if you want to).
  2. You do not want to leave your brows undone. Work on them and make them look tempting.
  3. Highlight your brows by apply some white or lighter shade on the brow bone.
  4. For eyelids, take some black eye shade on a makeup brush and dab I on the eye lids. Blend it well with some brown shade.
  5. Line your upper waterline. You can go with a cat eye liner as well.
  6. Make it bit messy by putting some shade under your lower water line with an angled brush.
  7. Apply mascara.
  8. A natural toned blush would look perfect.
  9. Finally color your lips with the red lipstick.

Wear patch on your one eye and tie a scarf on your head. A red banana would work too. This is a very basic idea of what you are going to be. You can spice it up by adding dreadlock styled with beads. You can add a fake beard too. Make it all messy with black eye shadow and apply it on some areas of your face to give an effect of gypsies. Pirates are all about gypsies. They do not stay at one place. They keep on adventuring from one side of the sea to the other. You can totally have this look.

If you want to make your pirate Halloween party more sexy and glamorous, opt for custom neon signs. This is a great choice, it uses a striking skull design with vibrant neon colors to light up any corner of the party, it’s definitely a great photo opportunity!

Pirate Halloween Makeup

Pirate Halloween Makeup Tutorial By Kayla Marie

Pirate Halloween Makeup

Gorgeous Pirate Makeup Via

Gorgeous Pirate Makeup

Christina Aguilera Pirate Look By The Firs Techo

Halloween Pirate Makeup Ideas

Step By Step Thrilling New Pirate Look By La Belle Patel

Halloween  Pirate Makeup Tutorial

Eyewear Pirate Costume By Glossary

Pirate Costume and Makeup

Undead Pirate Tutorial: Halloween Makeup By Keevanski

Undead Pirate Tutorial Halloween Makeup

Ghost & Skeleton Pirate Makeup Via

Ghost Skeleton Pirate Makeup

Women’s Pirate Costume Makeup Tutorial By Halloween Costumes

Womens Pirate Costume Makeup Tutorial

Pirate Halloween Costume Design By Joyce Spakman

Pirate Halloween Makeup Transformations

Exotic Eyes Hook Halloween Party Pirate Girl Make Up By Hollywood Toy

Xotic Eyes Hook Halloween Accessories Costume Female Party Pirate Girl Make Up

Beautiful Pirate By Sarah Steller

pirate halloween makeup for beautiful girls

Pirate Makeup: Davy Jones By Goldie Starling

Pirate Makeup Davy Jones

Sexy Pirate Halloween Makeup Tutorial By La Cindina & Julia Graf

Sexy Pirate Halloween makeup tutorial

Sexy Pirate Halloween Look

Pirate Makeup For Pretty Girls Via

pirate halloween makeup for girls

For boys here are some ideas which you can add in your makeup.

First thing first you do not have to shave off. A male pirate without beard? Does not sound good. If you do not have it then you can totally fake it, if you have it then what else is good. For long beard people you can braid it and turn it into goatee.

Start applying some lines over and under your eyes and smug it. For making it more rough dust off some shade over your face and you are ready to go.

Pirate Makeup Tutorial For Boys Via Escapade

pirate halloween makeup tutorial boy

Pirate Makeup: Jack Sparrow Via

pirate makeup for men

Voodoo Doll Costume Men By Kevin M

Voodoo Doll Costume For Halloween Pirate Look

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