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Professional Tips For Your Bathroom Cleaning Routine

April 30, 2021

Your bathroom cleaning routine is essential for your and the health of your family. This is why it helps to adopt a professional approach to bathroom cleaning. We spoke to cleaning industry experts at My American Maid to learn how professionals handle the delicate job of bathroom cleaning.

The Devil Is in the Detail

A lot of people are surprised to hear that there are more germs on the faucets and toothbrushes than there are on the actual toilet seat, according to the Time magazine. However, most of these organisms come from the toilet and can spread all over your bathroom unless you properly clean it.

Make Sure You’re Protected

One of the most important, yet often neglected steps in bathroom cleaning is wearing protective equipment while doing it. This entails googles, a face shield or a mask and gloves. These items will help protect your nose, eyes, mouth and skin from the strong chemical products and from the microorganisms you’re looking to eradicate. Wearing protective equipment will protect you from skin irritation, injury and various adverse effects of bathroom cleaning chemicals.

You should also wear old clothes since these products can damage the fabrics. Make sure to also wear anti-slip footwear, since the tiles can be quite slippery when wet.

Vinegar Is Your Friend

Vinegar can be used to clean a lot of areas of the bathroom. Any area affected by mineral deposits forming from the hard water can be cleaned using a water and vinegar solution, with at least 5% acetic acid. The same solution also doubles as a disinfectant.

Dilute some vinegar in water and place the showerheads inside for an hour. Rinse with water and the deposits will wash right away. If you don’t want to detach the showerheads and faucets, you can fill a plastic bag with the same solution and wrap it around them.

Finally, you can use the vinegar to clean out any glass surfaces which may have been affected by the same mineral buildup through the vapor. Mix the same amount of water and vinegar and use it to wipe the glass surfaces.

Use Baking Soda

Baking soda is a household item you most likely have in your kitchen. It is safe to consume, but it is also good for cleaning various materials such as rubber, steel, glass and aluminum. It is only mildly abrasive, making it ideal in cleaning grease, dirt and debris.

You can use it for various areas such as sinks, toilets, grout, tiles and fixtures. It can also help neutralize the unpleasant odors. Mix it with some detergent for an even more effective cleaner. Use the solution on a damp cloth to easily scrub any surface.

Get Rid of Shower Curtain Growths

Since the bathroom is often moist, mold and mildew find it to be a very suitable home. They can grow on any damp surface, but usually appear on the tiles and shower curtains. When mold grows on tiles it can be easily cleaned, but shower curtains pose a difficult challenge.

The mold grows deep within the structure of the curtains, making them a nightmare to get rid of. You can use baking soda to get rid of a small infestation. Simply mix baking soda with water, two parts of baking soda and one of water. Apply this to the affected area and wait for an hour.

You can use a sponge to get the solution deep into the curtain or load them in the washing machine for a full cycle. The baking soda solution will make it easier to eliminate the mold growth with a regular detergent wash.

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