Rare Gemstones All About Tanzanite

March 7, 2022

“I found my frequency. Crystals speak to me!” If you’ve heard this before, then you’re on the crystals and gemstones side of TikTok.

It seems that every day you like a new post about a crystal or gem you want to add to your collection. You could easily go broke looking for all the rare gemstones and crystals on your FYP.

However, crystals and gemstones are sometimes cheaper than classic jewelry stones, like diamonds. People are finding new substitutes for diamonds every day.

One of those is Tanzanite. Learn more about it below.

What is Tanzanite, Scientifically Speaking?

Tanzanite is a soft gemstone found in parts of Africa. It’s a zoisite species composed of calcium, aluminum, silica oxide, and hydroxide.

Those are a lot of words that add up to mean it’s a very soft stone, with excellent clarity and a sapphire-like blue color.

As the name suggests, Tanzanite is found in Tanzania, but there’s a possibility we will find more veins of it elsewhere in the future. It was first founded in 1967 and popularized by Tiffany and Company.

Want to know more fun facts about this rare gemstone? We’ve got you.

Tanzanite Starts Out Red

If you’ve ever seen this stone, that sentence might confuse you. The gorgeous royal blue tone is far from the red, rust color it starts out as.

Because Tanzanite contains Vanadium, it only turns blue once heated to 600 degrees. Talk about a glow-up!

The Biggest Specimen was Mined in 2020

A lot of things happened in 2020, almost none of them good. But one good thing that happened was the finding, mining, and processing of the biggest Tanzanite stone ever found.

Saniniu Lazier found the biggest specimen, which weighed in at 9.2kg, or 20 pounds. Twenty pounds is a lot of gemstones!

Lucky Mr. Lazier was able to sell his findings for over two million euros.

It Has Spiritual Properties

If you’re a crystal person, you know each has its own energy and properties.

This stone, in any form, is associated with compassion, new life, and calm energy. If you can afford to have Tanzanite as a crystal, then good for you!

The Benefits of Tanzanite Compared to Diamonds

The diamond trade is one of the most unethical industries there is. You can read horrifying facts about people being trapped in diamond mines, sustaining horrible industries, and getting a chronic illness from the process.

Therefore, there’s a need for ethical diamond alternatives. Tanzanite is a great diamond alternative.

Don’t expect it to be cheaper than diamonds, though — this pretty stone costs a pretty penny since it’s harder to find Tanzanite.

Choosing Rare Gemstones like Tanzanite

If you’ve decided you must have this expensive, gorgeous, calming bluestone, get ready to open your wallet. The four C’s of rare gemstones apply to Tanzanite, so the better those are, the more you’ll pay.

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