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Reasons Why Natural Waxes Are Becoming Increasingly Popular in the Cosmetics Industry

October 4, 2022

Sustainable is not just a word anymore. Nowadays, it has become a trend that has affected almost all industries. Along with sustainable energy, we also have sustainable products that are less harmful to the body as well as the environment. Which is why the cosmetics industry is now looking to explore organic and sustainable products too. And one such product is natural wax that is fast replacing synthetic wax. Wax is a major ingredient in most cosmetic products. Many developers are now exploring plant-based or animal-based organic waxes to use in place of the synthetic compounds. The use of natural waxes to replace synthetic waxes is a change that is helping the cosmetics industry take a big step towards sustainability. Let us look at why natural waxes are becoming so popular in the cosmetics industry. 

Useful in Lip Balms

Lip balms are one of the most common products used during winters. No one likes chapped or dry lips. The waxes used in lip balms help soften dry lips and put a protective layer to stay safe in cold climates. Using vegan and plant based waxes in lip balms ensures that your lips stay hydrated and soft without using any harmful chemicals. 

Making Body Lotions

Along with lip balms, lotions are another cosmetic product that predominantly uses waxes. In fact, waxes are one of the main components of numerous cosmetic products. In lotions and creams, waxes are used to soften the skin or thicken the product. Waxes like lanolin are well-known for their softening properties. While microcrystalline wax has emollient properties and can add thickness to the product. Hence it makes sense to replace this component with an organic alternative wherever possible. 

Used in Making Cosmetics

The cosmetics industry produces a wide range of products for body, hair, and skin care. Among these products, many use waxes for various purposes. In waterproof products, it is used as a water repellent. In products like compact and powders, it is used for its softening and binding properties. In creamy products it is used to create thickness and help the product keep its shape and prevent sweating. Replacing synthetic wax with the natural waxes can make a huge difference. It is free of chemicals and suits the skin better. 

Making Hair Products

While most hair products do not require waxes, there are some that make use of waxes too. For example, your hair spray may look like water but it contains microcrystalline waxes to help it stay in the hair and retain its shape. Microcrystalline waxes have elastic and adhesive properties which makes them ideal for some hair products like hair sprays. 

If you’re one of those who are very conscious of what they put in their body, you would appreciate the use of organic products in place of their synthetic counterparts. And the use of natural waxes in almost all of our cosmetic products is certainly a great thing to look forward to. So, next time you buy a cosmetic, check its ingredients to make sure you’re using truly organic products.

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