Reasons Why Skateboarders Make Good Salesman

October 5, 2019

Skateboarding is an individual sport — every skateboarder exhibits personal skills each unique from the other. The game has grown in popularity since the inception of the X Games.

As athletes, skateboarders have strong personalities. Also known as Thrashers, this uniqueness is an essential asset in selling a particular brand of clothing or product. Many brand sponsors also choose skateboarders to market their clothing line.

Here are the reasons why skateboarders make a good sales associate for clothing:


Just like other athletes, skateboarders make their names. Each name is attached to a style of skateboarding that makes them incomparable to others. Nowadays, you will also find brands linked to so many famous names in the sport.

They spend long hours perfecting this style which would make them more competitive in the sport. Some skaters may have more fun having their practice individually. Others prefer doing it in groups in their driveways or favorite parking lots.

There is a sense of individualism that each skater translates into the business world. Clothing brands can design apparel that would uniquely capture each skateboarder’s personality. Successful skateboarders and entrepreneurs do not blame others for their mistakes. They take responsibility for every action that they make.


Skateboarding never stops evolving. Years ago, it was thought that Tony Hawk has already done all the possible tricks. Everybody was wrong. New skateboarders have started on these tricks and in the process created new ones.

Skaters are always looking for new tricks to try. They are willing to take the risk in every choice that they make. They may fail or succeed in each try, but they still keep on creating new ones. Skateboarders are artists. They only think of what would entertain the people who watch them in their competitions.

The creativity of these skateboarders is a characteristic that makes them an excellent salesman. Salesman and entrepreneurs are always innovative. They never stop looking for new products to sell even if the stakes are high.


Skateboarders are rebels. They do not adhere to what is traditional. They create new styles and call it their own. They have principles that they follow. Just like a rebel who has a cause that he is fighting for, a skateboarder fights for his style and does not care about what other people may say about it.
The entrepreneur is a rebel by definition. He does things other people would not do like starting businesses that no one even thinks of starting. He sees opportunities nobody else does and grabs them. He takes risks others are not willing to take.

Thrasher is a brand of clothing that believes skateboarders are excellent salesmen. This is why the Empire company designed thrasher clothing for the individualistic, creative, and rebellious skateboarder.

The brand is a signature for both the experienced and novice skateboarder. It boasts of a wide array of apparel, clothing, shoes, and accessories which every skater loves to adorn while showcasing his talent on the big stage. Grab exclusive thrasher clothing today!

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