Search Smart for Your Level: How to Land an Executive Job

January 28, 2019

How to Land an Executive Job

Looking to climb the ladder or find a new position? Check out what you need to know about getting an executive job.

Did you know that happiness makes people 12 % more productive at work? Many people feel they’d be happier if they had a higher position.

Are you looking for an executive job but not sure how to climb the ladder? Not to worry! We’ll cover how you can find a new position and advance your future.

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Want an Executive Job?

Sit down and consider what jobs you’d like to pursue. The higher you go up on the career ladder, the stiffer the competition. Make sure to network and meet as many professionals as possible.

What Companies Attract You?

Figure out which companies you’d love to work for. Do you have contacts at these organizations? Think of how you can get on their radar. If you’re interested in the position, but need a specific credential, get the course.

Have a LinkedIn Profile

A decision maker at companies will go look at your LinkedIn profile. This provides them with some information about your work history and education. Update your profile before applying for any new positions.

Network and Support Others

People who are well connected tend to get executive positions. If you increase your visibility, you’ll gain new connections. Make sure you find the balance between receiving and sharing information.

You can’t expect to ask your network for support but not share your experience or contacts. Build a reputation as someone who’s open and helps others.

Know Your Strengths

When you understand your strengths, you can share how you’ll benefit the organization. This, in turn, helps the hiring agent see what position you’ll excel at. Sit down and go through what are your main strengths and weaknesses.

Refresh Your Resume

A resume should communicate a candidate’s values and vision. Answer three main questions: who you are, where you want to go, and what you offer.

Throw away your old resume format. Highlight your experiences and achievements with infographics and graphs.

Make a Detailed Plan

Research a company and their team and make an action plan for yourself in a particular role. Get information from the hiring managers or connections in your network.

Let them know you want to provide practical ways for the company to achieve its goals. Find out the challenges and strengths of the team. Research what the three main areas the business should focus on.

If you can gather this information into a plan, you can tackle opportunities for growth. You’ll also get to leverage strengths in the company.

This will reveal to the hiring panel how you visualize yourself in the role. The hiring agent will also see your initiative and passion. Find out the dress code and pick out your outfit for the office.

Want to Learn More?

We hope you found this article on finding an executive job insightful. Take your time and research companies you’re interested in. Network and support your fellow connections.

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