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Stylish Deck And Patio Decorating Ideas To Add Elegance To Your Landscaping!

June 8, 2018

Have you ever seen restaurants that turn sideways and courtyards to a beautiful outdoor dining area? Well, that’s the sign of spring and summers.

How about bringing the same design to your outdoors!

Inclement, warm summers mean the days of glorious sunshine and the breezy nights that must be enjoyed with pleasant outdoor eating and drinking.

No matter what kind of space does your home have, be it a spacious patio or a cozy rooftop area, find inspiration from these outdoor dining ideas to create a scene for dinner or perhaps for outdoor parties:

Indulge Cool And Comfortable Seating Area:

Everybody looks for the fluffy seating and pillows to kick back. Splash bold hues at cushions and seating pillows and coordinate them with furniture to make the outdoor different. Add patio umbrellas at the dining area and coordinate it with furniture.

You can also incorporate chairs, benches and sofas to make space look go-for parties and dinners. The inviting colorful pillows, fire escape, outdoor kitchen and other things create intimacy and warmth to space.

Bring Colors Of Your Choice:

Of course, you want the outdoors to be cozy, so indulge colors that bring the warm and comfortable feel. Go for soft light hues and pick natural colors that complement the outdoors. Go for green, if you have beautiful garden surrounding the patio. Also, incorporate the colors in the rug, table runners, cushions and other furniture to fit the tone perfectly.

Go artistic:

The mood created at the outdoor dining can be savored for years, so create memories with the beautiful ambience, artistic designs and mouth-watering food.

You can incorporate coffee tables, end tables and artistic stools for a warmer feel. You can also dress up the space that complements the season. Use wire chairs, repurpose consol table, and bring in drawer tables and vases to add a sense of permanence to the dining.

Get cooking:

Outdoor cooking doesn’t just means grilling or BBQ, cook like a chef by incorporating kitchen to outdoors. If you have ample space, bring on all supplies and get cooking. You can also include microwave or smoker for instant cooking. However, if you have small space, a pair of burner apart from the grill will work to heat up the dishes. Make sure to add compost bin or tumbler to throw trash, but don’t forget to read the differences between two from OutsideModern.com to have the one as per your needs.

Play Up With Aesthetics:

If your outdoors has a vista of nature, and water, let them do the talking. Mix and match furniture that goes perfectly with the view.

Try using neutral colors and minimum dining furnishing so that the aesthetics will not grab all attention. Also, make it subtle, soft, stylish and fuss-free. You can go for built-in bench seating to have shady space in summer afternoons. Go for an attractive dining set to add the unexpected glamour or install a bar serving point for making the guest feel at home.

A Touch Of Glamour Would Work:

Although incorporating soft hues is always preferred, you can go out of the box by bringing glamour to the patios. Bring in boho style, or a beachy patio, or go for plush pretty one, the choice is yours. Soft textures, the bohemian-inspired patterns, a soothing palette of rustic wood, a sleek white space with coastal vibes will give an eclectic yet refreshing feel.

And the bugs of warm weather! While ladybugs are welcomed, the mosquitoes can ruin the evening. So, have repellants or cover the serving planters with a net to keep insects at bay. If you have the fountain, you are in luck as moving water can repel insects. Also, use bug spray but make sure to keep it away from the dining table.

Divide The Space:

If you have a large patio, divide the space to make every nook count. Make space for relaxed dining area with a couch, outdoor chairs and some fluffy cushions. To the other side incorporate a casual bar and fireplace. Bring some plants to fill the corners. If you have an open space, use lights and hanging décor to make the place look worthy. You can also build a pool at one corner or can make gaming area for kids.

Design Long or Circular Areas:

Do you have a long rectangular space or a circular one at the space and you are finding it hard to design, don’t worry! Go for the L-shaped designing or incorporate seating at one area and dining at other. Mix and match color schemes for every space, like you can go for warm hues for room or can choose the dark one for dining. Incorporate wood furnishing décor to create a rustic appeal for a cocktail or sandwich lunch.

Install Lights:

A warm glow can instantly turn a cramped patio to the stylish and cozy one. Install cute lights, hanging bulbs and add radiance to the walkways. You can also install lantern bulbs on the walls or can go for branch lights to bring in the coziness and warm glow. Install beautiful lights and create your private escape.

So, all set for an evening party on your patio? Bring in some wine, light bonfire and enjoy!

Infographic Provided by NewTechWood America, Inc.

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