Sweater Weather Alert: Top 10 Trends in Men’s Winter Fashion

January 17, 2019

Kick off the new year right with the trendiest styles in men’s winter fashion of 2019. Click here for the latest.

It’s often been said that “A well-tailored suit is to women what lingerie is to men”.

If you’re trying to impress a woman you like (or anyone else, for that matter), looking dapper is key.

Are looking to change up your clothes and make a better first impression? Kick off the new year right with the trendiest styles in men’s winter fashion of 2019.

You may be surprised by a couple of these clothing items which are now back in favor. So, let’s look at a few “new” styles and trends but also how you can implement them into your life.

1.Look Sharp in a Stylish Warm Winter Coat

For winter 2019, oversized trench coats are back in fashion. However, for those who feel the cold, don’t worry, long line puffer jackets are also now fashionable too.
Alternatively, if these looks from the runway aren’t quite your taste, go for a tailor-fit black wool coat.The classic look always impresses.

Want something a little shorter? The bomber jacket is warm and trendy. Buy it in black for an extra Parisian look.

Having a well-fitted, modern and stylish coat will set the right impression whether you’re going for a dinner date or to an interview.

Don’t get this wrong–spend time this winter searching for an outer garment which shows off your personality, while also appearing cool and trendy.

2.Throw on an Over-Sized Scarf for Extra Coziness

Are you a Harry Potter fan? Good news, those flailing, long, extremely warm scarves seen in the movies are now in fashion.

Pick up a scarf with colors that match your coat and you’ll be a style icon (while also paying homage to The Boy Who Lived.)

Alternatively, try a snood for an extra chic look, but only dare this style if you’re hoping to look a little more out there. Snoods are certainly for the adventurous.

Wrap up tight and tie your scarf up to the top of your neck so you don’t get any wind chill. Wool is one of the best materials to purchase to ensure you stay warm.

In men’s fashion this winter, brand names are also important. So, make sure you don’t put a dent in your budget by buying a designer scarf rather than a coat. (Or both if you can afford it!)

3.Denim on Denim is Cool Again – Hoorah!

It’s true–the Canadian Tuxedo is back. Make sure you’re buying high-quality denim to ensure you look smart.

Otherwise, pull out your old denim jacket for a scruffier, hippy look. Either way, the denim on denim look is cool once more.

Throw on a bank t-shirt underneath for an old school vibe or try wearing a shirt to increase the style

Wondering why you should rock the Canadian tuxedo? Celebs before you such as Justin Timberlake, Ryan Gosling, and Kanye West have proven they’re cool.

4.Pleated Pants are Now Smart Office Wear

Want to show off your waist? Pleated pants sit comfortably on your waist and offer breathing room to make movement comfortable.

Better yet, they’re back in favor. Choose between forward pleats and reverse pleats depending on whether you want to look more British or Italian!

Reverse pleats will provide your style with a looser, more laid back look (how Italian). Meanwhile, forward pleats look smarter and a little neater to remind people that you’re an English gentleman at heart.

Luckily, pleats can be worn with pretty much any shoe and still look great. Choose from any material such as corduroy or tweed.

5.Knitwear is Essential for Keeping you Warm but Also Looking Cool

Finding the perfect warm knitted sweater is the best thing you can do during cold months. Rather than choosing a hooded sweater, go for something a little chicer.

It’s not Christmas anymore, however, so veer away from anything with Santa or reindeers. Instead, go for a monotone sweater which works with everything already in your wardrobe.

Alternatively, lattice patterns look cool and are for those who want something a little more interesting on the eye than just one color.

Consider Jared Lang sweaters if you’re looking for a great piece of clothing which will keep you warm and last for years!

6.Anything Checked is Great for Your Wardrobe

Checked suits, jackets, trousers, and shoes are in fashion this winter. Don’t wear them all together, or do if you want to look like you’ve stepped off the runway.

A classic checked coat is a great way to make a good first impression and also stay warm during cold commutes.

But, if you’re not up to quite that much pattern, try simply buying checked accessories which work with your overall outfit. Again, designer checked accessories are the height of fashion this winter.

7.Grab Yourself a Hat (or Two)…

Keep your ears from feeling the cold by covering them up with a stylish hat. Right now, designer balaclavas are in favor–no, not just for fancy dress either.

However, if you work in a bank, then rocking up to work in one of these is certainly ill-advised. Instead, opt for something a little more conservative such as a beanie.

Yes, the beanie can now look smart and is absolutely fine to be paired with a suit and smart jacket.Who knew?

Patterns which are in favor right now include Navajo and stripes. But, consider veering away from what’s fashionable and following your own style.

You may also want to consider a Fedora to truly look like a gangster from the 50s or a bowler hat if you’re hoping to look British.

Of course, if you’re still young at heart then the snapback isn’t going out of fashion in America anytime soon either. But, this is only recommended for weekend wear.

8.Fleece Jackets Will Make You Look Intelligent

Are you unsure about whether the fleece is for you? We don’t blame you. They recently had the association of dads who like walking.

But, they’re coming back into fashion. This is particularly great for anyone who really feels a chill as nothing is warmer than a comfy fleece.

Depending on the vibe you’re going for, either grab the old one you have somewhere in your parent’s wardrobe or get yourself something designer to be en vogue.

If you’re trying to prove to your boss that you’re a hard-working, nerdy guy, definitely buy yourself a patterned fleece. Match it with a vest for an extra over the top vibe.

9.Layer up with a Vest (or Gilet if You’re Fancy)

When it comes to winter, layering is the secret that will get you through the cold times. Add a jacket and a coat. Now, also add a vest!

Vests regularly fall in and out of favor. Gilets, as they’re better known in France and the fashion world, can be chic but will work hard at keeping you warm.

Right now, they’re the height of fashion and, if your wardrobe is drab otherwise, it’s a great way to inject some color. Better yet, this vibrant layer can be removed when you need to head into a serious meeting.

10.Are You Man Enough to Wear a Skirt?

On the runway this winter season, we saw plenty of skirts. But, are you ready to wear a skirt in your everyday life?

Fashions from designer brands we know and love range from mini-skirts to longer skirts. However, this is nothing new as Kanye West rocked a leather skirt around 7 years ago.

If you’re truly a trend-setter, take this style from the runway and rock it at the office.

Alternatively, play it a little safer and wear a skirt to smash gender stereotypes while you’re out at a bar on the weekend.

See who catches your eye, you may be surprised by how many people are impressed by your courage to wear a skirt in our patriarchal world…

There are Many Options when it Comes to Men’s Winter Fashion–Find Your Style!

When it comes to men’s winter fashion, keeping warm should be top of the agenda. There’s nothing worse than seeing someone who looks awesome, shivering away because they forgot they can now wear a fleece.

Furthermore, men’s winter fashion is about having fun and exploring your own personal style. Do you like that balaclava? Go for it! Prefer the vest vibe? Go you!

Don’t have the money for designer items? It’s time to go thrift shopping to warm up your wardrobe while still ensuring it looks super cool.

Need some tips on how to live luxuriously when you are broke? Check out this article with a few tips which will make your style and home look great on a budget.

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