The 4 Easiest Pets to Take Care Of

January 21, 2021

If there’s one thing we all have in common regardless of nationality, gender, race, religion, or preferences towards reality TV shows, it’s that we want to love and to be loved. 

Unfortunately, love isn’t always attainable, especially if you have an aversion to people or an appalling dress sense.

That’s why we have pets.

Pets are simple creatures; they don’t want much out of life, they want food, a place to sleep, and occasionally to wipe their asses across your expensive carpet. With the possible exception of rug defilement, they just want what we all want; to be cared for. 

However, not all pets are created equal, and some require a lot more attention than others, which is not ideal for everyone, especially if you don’t have much free time. 

But busy people are deserving of love, too, right? So today, we’re going to talk about pets that are easy to care for but can bring a little extra happiness into your chaotic life.

1. Goldfish

Goldfish are the classic choice of pets for people who can’t have cats or dogs in their house and for carnival-goers with good aim. These elegant fish are notoriously easy to take care of and are relatively inexpensive to buy. They won’t eat you out of house and home either.

Their table manners leave a lot to be desired, so cleaning their tanks once a week is essential. Cleaning your fish tank 52 times a year might seem like a lot, but if you can’t devote a couple of hours per week to care for your pet, you should probably think of other ways to satisfy your need for love. Online blogging, perhaps?

While the ‘fact’ that goldfish only have 10-second memories has been thoroughly debunked, they can only recall periods of up to five months, so even if you miss their birthday, they’ll have forgotten all about it by the following year.

2. Sea-Monkeys

“What the hell are Sea-Monkeys?” I hear you ask.

Wikipedia describes sea-monkeys as a “novelty aquarium pet” invented, yes invented, by Harold von Braunhut in the 1950s. These quirky little beasts are a type of shrimp that are incredibly affordable and will survive in a simple tank filled with tap water.

Your new pets will begin their journey in a packet, and following the easy guidelines as set out by the company (these are genuine living beings and not cereal box toys, we swear!), you can create a habitat in which they can thrive.

Sea-Monkeys can live up to two years and are perfect pet choices for small children to help teach them how to care for living creatures.

3. Cats


Though cats are the most high-maintenance pets we’ll look at today, these beloved animals are incredibly independent and don’t require as much looking after as you would think. However, they can be expensive to buy, feed, and look after medically. So pet insurance is a must.

Cats can be indifferent. It is they who choose when and where they’ll give and receive affection; in effect, you don’t own a cat, a cat owns you. It’s anyone’s guess as to whether your cat will love or hate you on any given day.

We must note that cats can live for many years and may require special care and attention in their twilight years as it’s not uncommon for cats to suffer from arthritis, which makes it difficult for them to jump. Though there’s always something you can do to help your hairy best friend as long as animal lovers like Chasing Tails continue to produce items to help senior animals get around. 

4. Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs make wonderful pets, especially for young children, and can help teach your kids responsibility without overloading them with chores. These adorable, squeaky critters are like small rats in Ewok costumes, but without the stigma of being disease-ridden fleabags with a propensity to overthrow evil galactic empires.

According to, guinea pigs were domesticated thousands of years ago by the Incas, so by this point, they’re used to being held and tickled behind the ear. However, it’s a good idea to keep two guinea pigs in the same cage as they prefer the company of a friend, as do we all.

Though they require occasional grooming, guinea pigs are simple creatures that love nothing more than relaxing in their cage in a warm bed of hay, munching on vegetables with a good buddy.

So there you have it.

Armed with this useful information, it’s time for you to choose your new, low-maintenance pet …. Or y’know, finally start that blog.

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