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The Facts You Must Consider Before Buying Posture Correctors

January 23, 2019

Slouching and other forms of poor posture will usually lead to additional health problems, like back pain. The popular blog, reports that, eight out of ten people will suffer from lower back pains in their lifetime.

Considering that this condition is the number one cause of disability around the globe, you should undoubtedly be concerned. Luckily, there are a couple of ways to keep this ailment at bay like a posture corrector. Back pains stem largely from poor habits, like overeating leading to obesity thus poor spinal alignment. Therefore, if you have an unhealthy weight, you must first work on that before jumping the gun. Other than the reduction of back pains, further benefits of a posture corrector are:

  • Improved attention: Poor posture reduces the capacity of concentration, because of strains on your back. If you feel a nudge bugging you on your body, it is hard to focus on the task you have at hand.Undoubtedly,you will improve your productivity levels with good posture.
  • Reduced stress levels: With a pain-free back, you can concentrate on what is most important to you, rather than thinking about the next doctor or chiropractor’s appointment.
  • Improved energy levels: Lethargy after placing your back on undue stress is a common thing. That is why many office people do not look forward to siton their chairs the following day.
  • Superior confidence levels: The superhero pose shows others around you that you are up to the task. An enriched poise will lead to an improvement in your business and social life.
  • You will age better: When people grow old, they usually slouch and look shorter. This slouching is brought about by repetitive poor posture in your hay days. A posture corrector will do away with the problem in future.

The Different Types of Posture Correctors

Posture correctors come in different forms, to fit various needs. Here are their different types in the current market.

The standard brace

These are the best type of braces you would find in the market since they cover a large surface area on your back. However, they are usually bulky and visible when worn under clothing. They have straps to adjust them accordingly.

Support bands/ posture bras

Due to its minimalistic design, support bands are best suited to the body shapes of women. These types typically come in different sizes, right of the shelves, depending on the user’s body.

Posture correction straps

This type has a straight forward design, and only embraces your upper back area, leaving the lower part exposed. They are also comfortable to wear under clothing.

Magnetic posture corrector

With the advancement of technology, new devices are cropping up every day like this one. Even though the magnetic posture corrector is in the advancement stage, it is getting a lot of traction because of how it adjusts to suit different people’s spine.

Electronic posture correctors

this nifty device reminds one to stay upright and is suited for people that spend long hours in the office. Its sensors must be calibrated according to the user and you must charge it occasionally. You can even integrate it with apps on your smartphone.

What to Look For In a Posture Corrector?

To get the best corrector for you, you must consider the following factors.

  1. Material:Bearing in mind that most posture correctors are in close contact with your body, you should think about the side effects of this connection. Some people are allergic to spandex, which makes or is part of most posture correctors in the market. Understandably, they should avoid such components.
  2. Your body: Get a corrector that suits and complements your physique. The frame is especially important if you are going out. You do not want to look like you are wearing a bulletproof vest or something. You do not want to look conspicuous wearing a posture corrector, do you?
  3. Temperature: A posture corrector is like another piece of clothing. With additional clothing, you are bound to feel some heat, especially if you are not in a controlled environment. Thus, you can go for a minimalistic design if you are an outdoors person.
  4. Durability and maintenance: choose a posture corrector that will serve your needs for many years of quality service. This device is just like clothing, so make sure you can clean it effortlessly and as frequently as required.
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