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The Most Common And Destructive Beetle Pests

October 19, 2020

Beetles tend to provoke one of two reactions, fascination or fear. Both are valid feelings and are likely to be based upon your experiences with these creatures.

However, in some cases, the right approach is definitely one of concern. Beetles can be surprisingly destructive, especially when they are in your home.

If you think you have an issue with any type of beetle you need to contact your local pest control experts and get the matter taken care of properly.

Here are the most common and destructive beetles to keep an eye open for.

Carpet beetles

As its name suggests this beetle is happy to live in the carpet of your home. However, it is also happy consuming anything made of wool, which includes soft furnishings, book bindings, and even your clothes. 

The adult carpet beetle is brown, white, and orange. But, it’s when it’s in the larval stage that it causes the most damage. At this time it appears as a grub with brown and white rings across its body. 

They will also target your pantry as they enjoy flour and baking mixes. These beetles are unlikely to bite a human but their hairs can fall off and are extremely irritating. It is also possible that the hairs can become airborne and enter your respiratory tract.

If you notice any sign of these beetles you should find out more, preferably with the help of your local professionals.

Dark Flour Beetle

This beetle is also known as the destructive beetle. It is well-known for attacking stores of flour and grain. In general, it prefers to attack the large stores that farmers hold. However, if it gets into your home it can demolish your food supplies surprisingly quickly. 

The beetle is black, or very dark brown and just 5-6mm long. It’s also a fan of rolled oats, poultry feed, and any other type of food pellet. It doesn’t represent a risk to human health but it will destroy your food stores. 

Pine Beetles

This one isn’t likely to come into your house as it enjoys fresh pine. That may mean you’re not concerned about it. However, if you travel through Colorado you’ll see the damage that these beetles can do. Hundreds of pine trees have been killed as these beetles lay their larvae in the bark of the tree.

The larvae eat the phloem of the tree, preventing the tree from getting the nutrients it needs. The problem is these mountain pine beetles are spreading, it’s only a matter of time until they get to your area.

Dealing With Destructive Beetles

Beetles in your home or garden that are causing an issue should be dealt with in the same way as any other pest. While you can adopt a DIY approach to ensure you get the best possible results and minimize damage, you’re better off calling the professionals.

They’ll be able to assess what type of beetle is disturbing you and take the necessary steps to eliminate it.

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