The Most Common Slot Games Bonus Features

October 5, 2019

Online slots are no doubt the most popular games and the main draw for most online casino games. These games of chance have a huge fan following and keep drawing in more players every day. However, it’s not just the excitement of the game but also the higher payouts and attractive bonuses that make it so popular. A good bonus can make even a simple game more exciting. Moreover, slot bonuses also give the players a chance to earn more money without paying more with their free spins and re-spin features. Let us look at some of the most common online slots bonus features that make the game so attractive.

Wild Symbols Bonus

Wild symbols are the most common bonuses in casino slots. The wild symbols are special symbols that can work as wildcards and replace any symbol on the paytable. This property of wild symbols often proves very helpful in forming winning combinations on paylines. Most of these wild symbol bonuses offer you a chance to form winning combinations or earn free spins.

Scatter Symbols

Scatter symbols are specialized symbols that stand out among the rest of the paytable. Their main function is to allow the player to move on from the base slot game to the bonus round. They offer a player wins which aren’t on the paylines of the game. Often when a player gets three or more scatter symbols anywhere on the reel, it triggers a bonus round and may lead to some lucrative cash rewards.

Free Spin Bonus

This is certainly the most favorite bonus feature in online slots. In most slots, when a user hits three or more scatter symbols on paylines, it triggers a free spin round. In this round the players are given a fixed number of free spins. Once triggered, the free spins round lets the player enjoy a set of free spins, ranging from 3 to 100, one after the other. This gives the player a higher chance to win some big prizes in the games.

Progressive Multipliers

Some slots feature progressive multipliers instead of bonus rounds. In multipliers, the win amount is multiplied a certain pre-fixed number of times and then added to the account balance. Depending on the type of game, the multipliers are added to either regular base game wins or bonus wins. They usually come attached to free spins or as part of the wheel of fortune prizes. Multipliers and progressive multipliers can significantly increase a player’s profit with ease.

Wheel of Fortune

The wheel of fortune is a wonderful feature offered by many slots games to keep the players interested. It is often triggered by hitting three scatter or bonus symbols. The wheel has many prizes like free spins, cash rewards, extra wilds, multipliers, etc. When this bonus is triggered, you get a chance to spin the wheel for a certain number of times. This feature gives the players a chance to win many prizes with a single bonus feature.

Re-Spins Bonus

Sometimes, a game may also reward a player the chance to spin again. This chance is simply called a re-spin. Re-spins, not to be confused with free spins, are also triggered when three or more scatter or bonus symbols are hit. Just like free spins, re-spins are also additional spins. However, unlike free spins, re-spins are not offered in set like 3, 5, 10 or more spins. Instead, re-spins give players a single chance to spin again and form more than one winning combinations in a spin.

Bonuses are basically extra chances to help the players win more or keep them interested. You should read the terms and conditions of every bonus thoroughly before claiming any bonus.

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