The Need For Pre-Marital Counseling

June 11, 2020

Even though marriage counseling, which happens after marriage is quite popular among many, pre-marital counseling is still a relatively unknown aspect to many people. Well, in this article, you can find all your doubts about pre-marital counseling cleared. Now inevitably, the question would pop up in your mind about why exactly you would need pre-marital counseling. It has quite a lot of benefits which you can read and know about below. If you want further insight into the true cost of pre-marital counseling, read this article:

When should you start pre-marital counseling?

There isn’t exactly an ideal timeline for when you should start pre-marital counseling. Every couple is different from one another, and so are their situations and specific circumstances. However, two, three, or even four weeks before you get married is a recommended time by experts. But of course, you can just find a way to fit it into your schedule, however possible. The earlier you start counseling, the more time you’ll have to perceive things and grasp the reality of what married life actually is. Unlike what is depicted in movies and all, it won’t always be happiness, sunshine, and lots of laughter. Every marriage goes through struggles and how you effectively overcome these struggles is what makes your marriage successful.

Why do you need pre-marital counseling?

The need for pre-marital counseling is exceptionally essential in today’s world. We live in a world of social media and instant gratification, where half of the population’s choices and decisions in life are partially or sometimes fully affected by social media as well as their social circle. People are ready to get married and live their life out with their partner, but they are not ready to go through or overcome struggles that are bound to happen in any relationship at one point in time. The moment there is a sign of trouble, many people find the solution in running away from or evading the problem instead of trying to actually understand what the problem is and finding ways to resolve it.

This is also a major reason why a lot of marriages end up in divorce these days. No, we’re not saying that you should stay in an unhappy or abusive marriage. But what we’re saying is don’t let your marriage end up in divorce for a problem that can be easily solved. Nothing good in this world comes for free. Marriage is just like that. Your married life won’t become perfect just because both of you got married. The effort and love you put in every day to make your marriage work are ultimately what will make it last and survive all the storms.

Arguments will happen in any relationship, and you may have a conflicting view from your partner in many issues like child planning, career planning, family finance handling, etc. Pre-marital counseling can help you be prepared for all that married life brings you and thus equip you to navigate through problems effortlessly.

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