The Purest Way to Drink Water

October 20, 2020

Water is fundamental for life as we know it. Humans are approximately 60% water and every life form on the planet relies on it to some degree.

But, water is a mixed blessing. Thanks to the water cycle the water on the earth is constantly recycled and available to drink. However, while rainwater leaving clouds is considered pure, it picks up a variety of contaminants on its way to your home.

These start in the atmosphere and continue as the water flows through fields and rocks to the reservoirs. During this process, it will absorb minerals and the contaminants that humans leave behind. For example, factory waste products, fertilizers, and even pesticides.

The water treatment plant treats the water before it is dispatched to your home. But there is no guarantee that the water at your faucet is the same quality as that which left the treatment plant. There have also been concerns regarding the water at treatment plants.

That’s why it pays to know the purest water sources.

Distilled Water

This is potentially the purest water you can get. Distilled water is water that has been boiled. As it boils it evaporates, becoming steam. The steam is trapped by a cooler surface, allowing it to transform back into water and be collected in a separate container.

Because water evaporates at a lower temperature to the minerals and other contaminants in it, this s the best way to ensure you have completely pure water.

Of course, it’s not the most practical approach every time you want a drink!

Filtration Systems

The best viable alternative is to use water filters. There are several ones you can choose from, in fact, you’ll probably find it advantageous to talk to your local supplier regarding the best water filters.

But, as a general rule, you should be considering either the carbon filter or the reverse osmosis filter. Carbon filters are very effective at removing volatile organic substances. That means chemicals, such as the chlorine that is added to water at the treatment plant. It will remove sediment and other contaminants.

However, carbon filters can’t remove minerals and heavy metals. If your water has high contents of these it is possible they can cause long-term health issues. Heavy metals collect in your body causing issues in the future.

Fortunately, you can use a reverse osmosis water filter to eliminate these contaminants, giving you safe water to drink.

Filtered water may not be as pure as distilled water but it is safe to drink and tastes much better than water from the faucet. It’s also far more practical and cost-effective.

The key is to speak to a local professional. They can advise you on the water quality in your area and mineral/metal content. This will help you to identify the right filter for your home and have confidence in your water system.

You should note that it is possible to use a carbon filter and a reverse osmosis filter, they simply need to be fitted into your water supply line.

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