The Top Tips To Keep Your Staff Safe In The Australian Workplace

January 12, 2024

 It doesn’t matter if you are working at your desk, working outside or working with large pieces of plant and machinery because there is always a danger lurking and you need to be prepared for that as an employer and an employee. There are a number of workplace injuries that occur every single year around Australia and the majority of them could have been avoided if people had paid attention to the health and safety rules that were already in place. As an employer, you know that you put all of your staff through health and safety training when they were hired but everything that was taught to them went in one ear and out the other.

This is why you need to set up a workplace injury prevention program so that you can reduce the chances of accidents happening in your workplace that will result in serious injuries and even death. A safe workplace is a place where your employees want to come to every single morning and so if they are comfortable in their environment then they will be a lot more efficient and more effective as well. The following are just some top tips to help keep your staff safe in the Australian workplace.

  • The proper use of all equipment – The only people who should be operating machinery in your business should be the people who have gone through the necessary training and who have a certificate to prove it. The machines themselves should only be used for what they were built for in the first place and you should be encouraging your staff not to be lifting anything that can easily be moved by lifting equipment.
  • All safety gear must be worn – Many Australian employees think that safety gear is only a suggestion when in fact it is a prerequisite. Every employer should invest in essential safety gear like the right kind of work wear, steel toe-capped shoes and clothing that is fire retardant. If there is lots of dust in the workplace then masks need to be worn in the event that there is some kind of chemical spill.
  • Keep the workplace clean & clear – It is important that your employees clean up after themselves so that the area is safe for those who come behind them. Not only will this be a lot safer for everyone but a clean workplace is also conducive to help your staff and a more efficient workplace. Be sure to provide your staff with enough drinking water throughout the day and water coolers should be placed strategically around the workplace.

I haven’t even mentioned providing staff with ergonomic desks and chairs so that they don’t damage their backs when sitting at their desks. You should get your managers to encourage staff members to stand up once in a while and encourage them to take regular breaks. You may think that this will be counter-productive but it stops workplace injuries.

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