The Ultimate Travel Bags For Men

April 6, 2020

Let’s face it: a dapper man standing at the airport just has a certain je ne sais quoi about him. He’s ready to explore the world and has stylish and sophisticated luggage accompanying him.

However, don’t let fashion trump functionality. Whether it’s for a week-long business trip or a weekend getaway, form meets function in our top travel bags for men.

Dopp Kit

Every well-groomed gentleman needs to ensure his toiletries travel safely. This is where the Dopp Kit bag comes into play. Spacious enough for all of your essentials, this sleek bag can be seamlessly stowed away in your luggage or carry-on.

Boasting several compartments, the Dopp Kit bag allows you to safely stash your toothbrush, cologne, lotions, and more without resulting in any messes.

Shoe Bags

If you want to be prepared for both work and play while on-the-go, a shoe bag is a must-have in your men’s travel bag collection. This small bag, often crafted from high-quality nylon, will protect your shoes while you’re traveling. Specific models are even padded to keep your shoes from being crushed.

An added bonus is that shoe bags can be used to organize your closet when you’re not jet-setting.

Garment Bag

For business travelers, a garment bag is one of the best traveling bags for men and is an essential part of your men’s travel luggage set.

Instead of making your designer suits suffer wrinkles and wear-and-tear in a suitcase, keep them tidy and wrinkle-free while protecting them in a garment bag.

Made from water-resistant materials, these types of men’s luggage bags can house multiple pieces of your wardrobe compactly.

A Simple Tote

The ideal companion for your carry-on is the casual and classic tote bag. Totes can be made of canvas, nylon, or even found in the leather goods for men section of your department store.

Totes are perfect for carrying your laptop, wallet, keys, passport, and other smaller necessities.

Messenger Bag

If the tote had a big brother, it’d be the messenger bag. A messenger bag is perfect for virtually every occasion and is typically sized to cater to most airline’s carry-on dimensions.

Additionally, a messenger bag can carry you from corporate meeting to dinner to happy hour with effortless style.

Laptop Carrier

For most men, their laptop is an essential part of their life. Keep yours protected with a sleek and slim laptop carrier. These types of travel luggage for men bags will keep your electronics out of harm’s way as you scamper from the airport to the train or taxi.

The Backpack

Invented nearly 80 years ago by Gerry Outdoors, the backpack is a quintessential travel bag for men of all ages. Allowing you to carry it hands-free, a spacious backpack can safely carry your electronics, wallet, toiletry bag, and more.

Be Prepared in Style with These Travel Bags for Men

No matter where life takes you, be prepared for it in style. Travel bags for men aren’t just a way to showcase your unique sense of style. They’re also a useful item to make sure all of your prized possessions stay safe.

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